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Battle Bowl

Michael Tang & Carolyn Dorin-Ballard Join Battle Bowl

They get to embrace the culture.

Storm Bowling and the Underground Bowling Association (UBA) have had an exciting partnership for over a decade, and are proud to collaborate again for Battle Bowl XIV. As the official equipment sponsor of the UBA, Storm Bowling manufactures exceptional bowling balls that provide unrivaled precision, power and finesse. Together, they aim to bring competition and excitement to the sport and showcase the best in the business. Join them for the thrilling atmosphere and undeniable performance magic of Storm Bowling and the UBA at Battle Bowl XIV!

Speaking of Battle Bowl XIV, there will be special guest appearances by Carolyn Dorin-Ballard & Michael Tang. Aside from Storm having the best bowling equipment on the market, they also have the best staffers. These 2 staffers are ready to experience the UBA atmosphere & learn the UBA culture.

“The Pioneers of Modern Team Bowling.”

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