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UBA Post Up

Prelude to Fireworks

So technically there was no UBA Tour Stops or Playoffs BUT there were certainly things happening. Read on…

  1. Julio Hernandez retains his Welterweight Title: Hernandez wins 4-2 and is one July Match away from going to Battle Bowl.
  2. Playoff Match-ups are solidified: You see the charts? They have been confirmed and vetted.
  3. Kingsmen win the NJ South Team Rankings: The Kingsmen don’t make the playoffs this year, but they do make some bank by winning the NJ South Team Rankings Finals. Congratulations!
  4. Battle Bowl Registration is continuing but… as of right now, many events are sold out. If you’re looking to register you should do it sooner rather than later.
  5. WCS July Matches are finalized. More on that this week.


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