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World Championship Series Southeast Welterweight List

Standings as of September 2022

#1 Todd McGhee Militia
#1 Chris Lawson Preemptive Strike
1 William Wahnon Suicide Squad
2 Rebecca Pevey Rollin Rebels
3 Kareem Muhammad Carolina Rollers
4 Julius Payne Outkasts
5 Kenny Southern n.W.o.
6 Jay Stewart n.W.o.
7 Roosevelt Johnson Capital City Hitters
8 Lonnie Donaldson Body Snatchers
9 Mike Wakefield Hitmen
10 Sherry Parvin n.W.o.
11 Shane Coffman Disciples
12 Chris McKnight Rollin Rebels
13 Courtney Greene Complete Anarchy
14 Chris Bradley Insurgents
15 Mariah Patterson Sub Zero
16 Darrell Williams Carolina Rollers
17 Martrell Bentley Outsiders
18 Ryan Oakes n.W.o.
19 Jeremy Maier DILLIGAF
20 Allen Keener Striking Vipers