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World Championship Series Northeast Classic Tag Team List

Standings and Matchups – September 2022

September Champions

Classic Tag Team Champions: Leon Stone & Regina Williams (Secret Society)

Classic Tag Team List

Title Match: Secret Society (Leon Stone/ Regina Williams) vs. Da Hit Squad (Jose Valdes/ Josh Valdes)

1v2: Latino All-Stars (Marc Texidor/ Miguel Carrion) vs. OP3N B0WL3R2 (Akeem Wright/ Josh Baker)

3v4: Kryptonite (Namica Reece/ Bobby Reece) vs. Pocket Kingz (Aaron Williams/ Kathleen Fountain)

5v6: Dysfunctional Bowlers (Raul Renteria/ Bryan Andes) vs. Bowling Bullies (Dennis Knox/ Eva Purcell)

7v8: OP3N B0WL3R2 (Christopher Pelkey/ Daniel Nieves) vs. Showtime (Vernell Butler-Lomax/ James Morse)

9v10: VACANT vs. Body Bags (Rodney Higgs/ Terry Mobley)

11v12: All-In! (Jonathan Dansbury/ Troy Gafgen) vs. VACANT