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World Championship Series Southeast Vixens List

As of September, 2022

Champ Daphne Smith Savages
#1 Karen Steiner Kings Court
1 Kimberly Tedder Chill Squad
2 Melissa Day Natural Disaster
3 Jessica Rosas Suicide Squad
4 Tosha Royal Carolina Swag
5 Meranda Edmonds n.w.o
6 Jazzmine Lee Hitmen
7 Cathy McWilliams NWO
8 Sammi Byrd Disciples
9 Kasey Parnell High Caliber
10 Mariah Patterson Sub Zero
11 Theresa Weems Total Pin Destruction
12 Betty Heard Total Pin Destruction
13 Kim Ivery Carolina Gatekeepers
14 Sarah Collier High Caliber
15 Joan Collier High Caliber
16 Rhona Harrell Carolina Gatekeepers