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What is the UBA?

Often imitated. Never duplicated.

Bowling has often been viewed as a dull and uninteresting sport, lacking the excitement of sports such as Basketball, Football or Baseball. Professional bowlers usually request for their audience to watch in silence while they make their shots. This lack of energy makes it difficult for Bowling to generate interest or revenue.

At your local bowling center, though, you can feel the real excitement that comes with competitive bowling. It’s something that gets lost on television broadcasts and is missing from most professional bowling tournaments. To truly bring Bowling back into the spotlight, we need to add flavor! Enter The Underground Bowling Association (UBA), a semi-professional organization that encourages bowlers with unorthodox and original styles of play to come together and compete in leagues while entertaining spectators at the lanes each night.

The UBA is not just about competitive bowling – it’s also about creating an environment where its members can have fun while showcasing their individual skillset within the association. With thousands of bowlers already involved in this new world of “bowling entertainment” it looks like there might be strength found in numbers after all!


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