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Jaraard Watson’s Playoff Advice

Jaraard Watson talks Playoffs.

Note: Eye on The Culture features Social Media posts from UBA Members who say something insightful or intriguing, or give out important information. This post comes from Secret Society’s Jaraard Watson. Enjoy.

UBA Playoffs are coming…

Congratulations & good luck to all who will be participating.

Here’s a PSA for all attending:

The environment will feel different. Whatever you’re used to, double it twice. A little more Love, little more dislike, more drinking (hopefully not at Carolier), more hurt feelings. If you know, you know…if you don’t, you will witness.

– There will be several 230 average bowlers shooting 550. No one knows why this happens every year, but it’s inevitable. Maybe due to pressure or because said person’s average is inflated ??‍♂️

– There will be a bunch of upsets. UBA playoffs are not chalk. March Madness is more predictable. The best team doesn’t always win.

With that being said, I’m hoping everyone brings their class, dignity and respect for others to these events. Losing isn’t the end all, so let’s remember that when it’s your turn.

The UBA is not your LIFE, just a reflection of it.

Hope you enjoyed your 4th.


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