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Eye on the Culture

The Call Out

How to do one properly.

            This edition of Eye on the Culture is about the “Call Out.” Now, the UBA is known for its trash talk, fun and entertainment atmosphere, but believe it or not, it got its history from “Call Outs.” A “Call Out” is the method of calling out an opponent to bowl for money, bragging rights, jerseys, etc. It a treasured tradition and is steeped in the very DNA of the Underground Bowling Association. However, has the “Call Out” become diluted and watered down? Has this aspect of our treasured culture run its course? Some would argue yes, but I am not so convinced.

            Many of the “new” UBA members, those who have been in the organization for 4 years or less, could be argued to have joined the UBA during the more sensitive era. People are not so comfortable with confrontation and tend to take someone questioning their bowling skills as personal. I have actually seen fights break out myself based on an individual perceiving another as trash talking their bowling acumen. This is very sad indeed. If UBA members would look back on historical footage, they would see some of the best trash talkers at work. They would get a fish on the line, hooking them by saying they cannot beat them to their face, and accompany that spicy talk with “GET A PAIR.” Friends, family members, it did not matter, no one was excused from this. It was not personal, just UBA ALL DAY.

            My first experience with the UBA was at Battle Bowl several years ago. Money was flying around and people were being called out to bowl at a feverish pace. I saw thousands of dollars pass hands. Winners won and losers loss. They paid up, paid lineage, and grabbed a beer or an assortment of alcoholic beverages together. No hurt feelings, no hurt pride, and no one threatening to go to the car. Just good trash talk, competitive bowling, and skills being tested on the lane. That is how things are supposed to be.

            I posted on the UBA Facebook Page: How do we get that OLD THING BACK? I say, we remember the culture and what the “CALL OUT” stands for. One should be happy to be called out. It is a chance to make a name for yourself or prove yourself. It is fun, it is challenging. It is the UBA. Let us get back to Call Outs. Remember the Culture has its Eye on YOU!



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