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Thirsty Thursday!

Whisky Sour for Breakfast??!?

Andre Welbon has to be real thirsty for a Whisky Sour in the AM.

Good Morning All,

It is Thursday, and a reasonably Thirsty one. Eddie Lee I had a Whisky Sour for breakfast. Probably going to stick with brown throughout the day as my wife and I have date night planned. Anyway, we have Playoffs in the UBA this weekend from the North to the South.

But first, if you have not seen my post about the DMV Districts for 2023-2024 season, you should probably check it out. With 14 teams set in what would be considered the DMV South, there will be some changes next year regarding Districts.

Here are the listed 31 Franchises in the All-American Conference and there home houses and their perceived District based on current alignment:

DMV South

1. Str8 Bizness Cartel – AMF Waldorf Lanes
2. Magna Carta – AMF Capital Plaza
3. High Powered – Bowl America/Bowlero Shirley
4. DC Mafia – Bowl America Fairfax
5. No Clowns Allowed – Bowl America Woodbridge
6. Framed 4 Murda – AMF Waldorf Lanes
7. Contract Killaz – AMF Dale City
8. NoVa Beastmode – Bowl America Woodbridge
9. Dynasty – Bowl America/Bowlero Shirley
10. Infamous – AMF Marlow Heights
11. Lethal Njection – AMF Marlow Heights (but may change)
12. Guilty By Association – AMF Capital Plaza
13. Pax Kingpins – Nas Pax River Bowling Center
14. Nightmare on Lane Street – Bowlero Bull Run

DMV Central

1. Impact – Annapolis Bowl
2. Hot Pockets – Bowlero Columbia
3. N.W.O. Wolfpack – AMF Woodlawn Lanes
4. Kryptonite – Greenway Bowl
5. Body Bagz – Rinaldi’s Riverdale
6. The Expendables – Bowlero Normandy
7. Most Wanted – Crofton Bowling Center
8. Boardwalk Empire – Rinaldi’s Riverdale
9. The Lions Den – Bowlero Gaithersburg

DMV North

1. Outrage – AMF Perry Hall Lanes
2. Apex Predators – Forest Hill Lanes
3. Mutiny – AMF Perry Hall Lanes
4. Da Stoners – AMF Southdale Lanes
5. Killer Keglers – AMF Southdale Lanes
6. Pin Krushers – Elk Lanes
7. Charm City Chaos – AMF Perry Hall Lanes
8. Vipers – AMF Towson Lanes

As you can see, the DMV South is 1 team above the 13 team district cap. Also, the DMV Central and DMV North are not even. A realignment must take place. Moving a single team out of the DMV South can work. That team could move to the DMV Central and a team from the DMV Central would have to be moved to the DMV North. Based on distance, AMF Woodlawn would make most sense to be placed in the DMV North based on distance, meaning N.W.O. Wolfpack could be moved from DMV Central to the DMV North. Marlow Heights, Cap Plaza, or Waldorf (likely not this house) could be moved to DMV Central. It would make more sense for AMF Capital Plaza to become part of the DMV Central houses, therefore I could see Guilty By Association or Magna Carta moving from DMV South to DMV Central, likely Guilty By Association.

13 Teams in the DMV South, 9 Teams in the DMV Central, and 9 Teams in the DMV North would allow for a BYE per team as well as position rounds. DMV Central and DMV North would also still be able to have interconference matches.

I would prefer an 11 DMV South, 10 DMV Central, and 10 DMV North split for a bigger prize fund in the DMV Central and North. It still allows interconference match ups in the DMV Central and North without a need for a BYE. The DMV South each team would get a BYE, though. Also, with the new playoff rules hitting next year, I think more parity between the Districts makes sense.

Just my thoughts.


We have lane assignments for the DMV Playoffs. Different parts of the house at Bowl America Shirley play different than others. The assignments get rid of the end pairs, so no excuses.

I like High Powered, DC Mafia, Mutiny (not the popular choice), and Apex Predators (not the popular choice) to advance. Good Luck to everyone competing on Sunday!


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