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Thirsty Thursday!

Crown Apple!

Andfre Welbon is in a Crowning mood.

Good Morning All,

It’s another Thirsty Thursday. Check out Gordon Pepper’s motivational Top 50 on UBA Today. Most of you all that are on the list likely won’t be there by Season’s end so act now while you can and enjoy.

Today I am sipping Crown Apple straight Eddie Lee and planning to make an appearance at AMF Capital Plaza tonight. I might even work on my social media shit-talking throughout the day, maybe try to develop a personality, and start some drama tonight. I might even carry it throughout the weekend.

Here’s a recap of my predictions for Tour Stop #5 and a look at the upcoming Central Conference Ranking Matches.


Tour Stop 5: Century Lanes on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 1:00PM EST

Match 1 – Demolition Crew vs. The Risen: This is my MUST SEE match of this Tour Stop. The Risen should come away with victory, 26 to 14.

Match 2 – Hellhounds vs. High Voltage: This is my LOCK Match of this Tour Stop. HV wins 30 to 10.

Match 3 – Violators vs. The Unforgiven: The Unforgiven should take the upper hand, 24 to 16.

Match 4 – Twisted vs. Gladiators: Twisted wins 26 to 14.

Match 5 – Fearless vs. Disturbin’ Tha Peace: Fearless wins 28 to 12.

DMV South

Tour Stop 5: Bowl America Falls Church on Sunday, December 10, 2023 at 12PM EST

Match 1 – Nightmare on Lane Street vs. Contract Killaz: CK wins 28 to 12.

Match 2 – Lethal N’jection vs. Infamous: LNJ escapes 24 to 16.

Match 3 – Str8 Bizness Cartel vs. Dynasty: SBC wins 26 to 14.

Match 4 – Framed 4 Murda vs. DC Mafia: This is my MUST SEE match of this Tour Stop. DCM wins 26 to 14.

Match 5 – NoVa Beastmode vs. PAX Kingpins: Beastmode wins 24 to 16.

Match 6 – High Powered vs. No Clowns Allowed: HP wins 26 to 14.

DMV Central/DMV North

Tour Stop 5 (Interconference Position Round): AMF Southdale on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 10AM/2PM EST


Match 1 – #1 Impact vs. #1 Outrage: Outrage should edge it out 26 to 14.

Match 2 – #2 Most Wanted vs. #2 N.W.O. Wolfpack: N.W.O. should edge this one out 28 to 12.

Match 3 – #3 Hot Pockets vs. #3 Da Stoners: Hot Pockets pulls this one out 24 to 16.

Match 4 – #4 Kryptonite vs. #4 Apex Predators: Kryptonite should take it 24 to 16.

Match 5 – #5 Guilty By Association vs. #5 Mutiny: Mutiny wins 28 to 12.


Match 1 – #6 Charm City Chaos vs. #6 Vipers: CCC has enough to just edge this one out, 24 to 16.

Match 2 – #7 Magna Carta vs. #7 The Lion’s Den: I like TLD to win.

Match 3 – #8 Body Bagz vs. #8 Pin Krushers: BB should have enough to get a win here, 24 to 16.

Match 4 – #9 Boardwalk Empire vs. #9 Killer Keglers: KK should win this one 26 to 14.

Match 5 – #10 The Expendables vs. #10 Infinite Chaos: Expendables should take this one 26 to 14.

Central Conference Rankings

Scheduled Matches

Match 1: #6 Kryptonite vs. #9 NoVa Beastmode on Sunday, November 19th at 1PM at AMF Marlow Heights. This is an interesting location for this match. Neither team should be favored here, but Kryptonite has the better bowlers. Beastmode will battle here and the match will be closer than thought, but Kryptonite should emerge victorious, 24 to 16.

Pending Match

Match 1: #5 The Lion’s Den vs. #7 N.W.O. Wolfpack – This match is getting close to being scheduled. It will likely take place at AMF Towson on November 26th. This will be a good one, but I like TLD to win. I am hoping/assuming there will be gamble, if so I will likely participate.

Match 2: #1 Apex Predators vs. #2 Hot Pockets – Apex has been on a very nice run as of late and they get to compete at their home house. Traditionally Ranking Matches come down to the capped trios pair, but this one should be determined by Singles and Doubles. If Apex wins or splits those match ups then they should win the match, but if Hot Pockets gets both singles and doubles, then they win. Apex should win in a close one, 22 to 18.


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