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Andre Welbon’s All-American Conference Playoff Breakdown

The Bad Twin talks playoffs.

ANDRE’S PREDICTION: While Gordon believes Outrage is destined for Delaware and Quadrant #2 is where the best matches will occur, I believe that Quadrant #1 is where the majority of the action is.

Yes, Quadrant #2 has the sexier names. Gordon forgot to mention that High Powered and Magna Carta seem poised for a Second Round match up considering HP gets past Kryptonite. Both of these two Franchises have bowlers extremely familiar with the alley. Outrage is not a shoe-in over High Powered or Magna Carta at Shirley nor are they shoe-ins over Apex or N.W.O. there. Therefore, yes, Quadrant #2 may have the more “exciting” matches, it certainly is not necessarily the hardest in my opinion.

Over in Quadrant #1, we have Hot Pockets and Mutiny and DC Mafia and Da Stoners. Many would say that DC Mafia should get pass the Stoners, but Hot Pockets and Mutiny will be a slugfest. SBC clearly should be the favorite over either Hot Pockets or Mutiny, but there is no telling who will come out on top with Impact and likely DC Mafia. The second round matches in Quadrant #1 may be as hard or even harder than the Quadrant #2 second round match-ups. I certainly think that Outrage is not the favorite to get to Delaware at this house and neither is Impact. But, we shall see.


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