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The Bad Twin gives you the DMV North Scoop

I am back again to stir the pot. Here is my DMV North Prediction for where Franchises will finish out this 2021-2022 Season.

DMV North

13th Place – Killer Keglers: They are a new team with primarily handicap bowlers. Maybe Wendell can pull off a miracle, but the DMV North is brutal and this Franchise simply does not appear to have the firepower.

12th Place – Vipers: By the numbers, this Franchise took a few hits during the off season. This will likely hurt them a great deal during the season.

11th Place – Pin Krushers: This Franchise has potential, but they seem so disjointed and all over the place at times. This makes me feel that they will struggle to have cohesion which will result in some losses that should have been wins.

10th Place – Da Stoners: This Franchise lost a lot of their members to the Killer Keglers. But, this could be a good thing for them. It is my believe that Da Stoners will have a decent season, but they are still a ways away from playoff potential.

9th Place – Charm City Chaos: This Franchise is still missing a significant scratch presence to compliment its very capable handicap pairs. The lack of firepower will prevent them from keeping up with the stronger teams.

8th Place – Hot Pockets: This is a solid Franchise. They will have a decent season, but will not be able to topple some of the more polished Franchises in this strong division.

7th Place – Mutiny: This Franchise looks pretty good on paper. They will have some good wins, but it will not be enough to get them into the top 5 in this division.

6th Place – The Expendables: This Franchise is very good, but just not at the elite level in the DMV North, at least not yet.

5th Place – Apex Predators: Clearly one of the best Franchises in the DMV North, but there will be a lot of moving parts if certain things are true with the heart and soul of their team. They are still good enough to compete for a playoff spot, but I believe they will fall just a tad bit short of the playoffs this year as there are 4 teams just a little better in the DMV North.

4th Place – Impact: This Franchise is absolutely great from scratch to handicap. I think they are a little better than a team placed ahead of them, but I cannot place them higher than 4th until they prove they can beat them during the regular season.

3rd Place – Kryptonite: Yes, this is where your team fell in my ranking Rob Bateman. Yes, this Franchise won the DMV North but they are still not as strong as the two teams placed ahead of them.

2nd Place – N.W.O. Wolfpack: The Pack is a stellar squad. Yes, they loss Ant, but they added a solid Yvette for handicap and they have always had some of the best bowlers in the area on their squad. Aside from that, they are one of the few teams in the DMV North that has beaten the team ahead of them consistently.

1st Place – Outrage: The Defending UBA Champs and Brawl Champs, arguably the best Franchise in the UBA as a whole. I believe they will have their foot on the gas the entire 2021-2022 UBA season.

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