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District Preview

UBA SE “NEW” Palmetto District Predicitons

Ray Gillespie talks about the Palmetto District Preview.

10. Crucial Conflict *New Team*
They currently only have a very small roster and I’m not seeing any big averages or names. Definitely going to be a tough battle for them, but they do have a few bowlers from other UBA teams, so we will see.
9. Carolina Rampage *New Team*
This roster has a number of folks with UBA experience but being out of the same house as the Savages, it is tough to see it coming easy for them.
8. Body Snatchers
Collectively, they are good people, but it just hasn’t translated on to the lanes. They will win a few stops for sure but they have to show that they have taken a big step forward at some point.
7. Shot Show *New Team*
This roster has some former Augusta Reign members for sure but do they have the right mix for the travel and atmosphere? Let’s find out!
Last year, they barely avoided last place in the Deep South district. Did the right group of people get added to the roster this year to turn it around? Not sure, because they have the last 2 district champs for their first 2 tour stops, so they will need to avoid getting behind in a deep hole early. However, they have been successful before.
5. Augusta Reign
They are destined to be in contention all season and could rebound very nicely to grab a playoff spot this season.
4. Wasted Potential
This team was a few mistakes away from making the playoffs last season. If they learned from them, and added the right folks, they could be in the playoff hunt all year again.
3. Carolina Gatekeepers
Could a sophomore slump be in the works? Or are they going to make the playoffs in year 2? They have the right leadership in place to ensure that the playoffs become a norm.
2. Spartanburg Savages
Two years ago, this team won the regular season, had an early playoff exit, and struggled the end of last season. There are way too many quality bowlers on this team to miss the playoffs again, right? I don’t see them missing the playoffs again as they will contend for another district championship.
1. Complete Anarchy
Defending district champs coming off of a Battle Bowl appearance should be a favorite to make a deep run again. I will always like us!! #CAallday


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