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Top 50 Motivational Rankings After Playoffs – Pre Battle Bowl

More notes before we start:

  1. Style points count. You’ll see that down the list.
  2. If you’re still around after Week 1, you’re on the list. If you happened to get knocked off because you lost, then more’s the pity. At this point, only the playoffs matter (though WCS play will be a factor if your team is still around).
  3. Keep in mind that with over 200 teams competing this season, this list represents less than the top 25% of the UBA. If you’re on here, consider that some kudos.
  4. This is for fun. Don’t get salty, get motivated.
  5. I love all feedback, so keep it coming πŸ™‚

So here we go with this week’s rankings….

CURRENT PLAY NOTE: Completion of League Tour Regular Season

  1. Hitmen (418-102 / 1st, Capital) (Was 1)
    Can they be perfect this season?
  2. Royal Flush (356-164 / 1st, Long Island) (Was 2)
    However they finish, they should get consideration for most improved team this season.
  3. Murder Inc. (299-221 / 2nd, NJ Northwest) (Was 6)
    August can be Murder Month to complete the Summer of the Murder Season.
  4. Impact (355-125 / 2nd, DMV North) (Was 7)
    Home field advantage? Some of them did win Unholy…
  5. Disorderly Conduct (287-233 / 3rd, Triad) (Was 13)
    The clock hasn’t struck midnight yet. Maybe it won’t.
  6. Tribe Called Nest (282-238 / 3rd Bronx) (Was 20)
    Did they make any calls to Las Vegas to see if any of their members can make a small trip to the East Coast this weekend?
  7. MOP Nation Militia (273-247 / 4th NE North) (Was 23)
    If they win, I will never hear the end of it from Joey Nereu. Never ever ever ever. Should I give his own column? It would be entertaining…
  8. Secret Society (310-210 / 3rd, PA South) (Was 40)
    Of all of the teams in the Battle Bowl mix, this is the quietest team. Many of them have bowled in Bowlerama and to overlook them would be a tragic error in judgement.
  9. Reality Check (334-146 / 1st, Inner Coastal) (Was 3)
    Bad time to have that sort of performance. Ouch.
  10. Lightz Out (349-171 / 1st, Brooklyn/Queens) (Was 4)
    They didn’t have to go after either Long Island team and could not get the job done. Hence, they are here.
  11. DC Mafia (356-164 / 1st, DMV South) (Was 5)
    Hopefully they can learn some lessons from their loss, because they should be in the DMV South mix for awhile.
  12. BC Crew (336-184 / 2nd, Long Island) (Was 8)
    Third time was not the charm.
  13. Da Garden Foundation (324-196 / 1st, NJ Northwest) (Was 9)
    Losing to Murder Inc.? Understandable. Seeing your season end against Bulletproof? There may be some changes…
  14. Philly Horsemen (313-207 / 1st, PA North) (was 10)
    They got nailed by a Secret. Shhhhh.
  15. Bulletproof (328-192 / 2nd, NJ South) (Was 11)
    Considering that they were on the struggle bus as they limped into the playoffs, to finish here is impressive.
  16. Most Wanted (317-203 / 2nd, DMV South) (Was 12)
    If Andre Welbon says that they will be back, I’m likely to believe him.
  17. Silver Lanes Express (314-206 / 2nd, New England South) (Was 14)
    Great effort to get as far as they did. Now they see what they have to do to get better.
  18. Class aXe (330-190 / 3rd NJ Northeast) (Was 15)
    Overwhelming favorites to win the Metro next season.
  19. Complete Anarchy (288-232 / 2nd, Deep South) (Was 16)
    Will Ray Gillespie’s team be the favorites in the Deep South?
  20. Beast Squad (320-200 /2nd Sandhills) (Was 17)
    Fell apart in the Playoffs but lots of upside for next year.
  21. Rollin’ Rebels (300-220 / 4th, Sandhills) (Was 18)
    This team has such of an alter ego that they may have to call in Sigmund Freud.
  22. Kryptonite (296-224 / 4th, DMV North) (Was 19)
    Last week I said ‘They knocked out the champs. Can they go further than just one win?’ Answer: Nope.
  23. The Militia (302-218 / 3rd Queen City District) (Was 21)
    Next season could be the one that they break out.
  24. Toms River Rats (297-223 / 3rd NJ Shore) (Was 22)
    You see all of this intensity the team had on the social media (and against yours truly) during the playoffs? Can you bring this same intensity to the regular season so I don’t have to light a fire under your collective butts just to get into the playoffs? Please?
  25. Natural Disaster (296-224 / 4th Queen City) (Was 25)
    In a clogged QC District, this season has to be considered a success.
  26. Kingsmen (264-256 / 4th PA South (Was 26)
    So where again was this during the first 14 matches of the season?
  27. Outrage (392-128 / 1st, DMV North) (Was 27)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  28. High Octane (404-116 / 1st, Sandhills) (Was 28)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  29. AC Express (393-127 / 1st, NJ South) (Was 29)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  30. Team Matrix (342-178 / 1st, NJ Shore) (Was 30)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  31. The Arsenal (388-132 / 1st, NJ Northeast) (Was 31)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  32. New England Heat (358-162 / 1st, New England South) (Was 32)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  33. Identity Crisis (337-143 / 1st, NE North) (Was 33)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  34. Conspiracy Theory (370-150 / 1st, Queen City) (Was 34)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  35. All In! (351-169 / 1st, PA North) (Was 35)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  36. G.O.A.T. (333-187 / 1st, Triad) (Was 36)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  37. Sub-Zero (312-208 / 2nd, Triad) (Was 37)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  38. Spartanberg Savages (347-173 / 1st, Deep South) (Was 38)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  39. King’s Court (296-214 / 2nd, Queen City) (Was 39)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  40. Rival Alliance (328-192 / 1st, PA South) (Was 40)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  41. Usual Suspects (320-200 / 2nd, PA South) (Was 41)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  42. NJ Drillers (325-195 / 3rd, NJ Shore) (Was 42)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  43. Legacy (343-177 / 2nd, NJ Northeast) (Was 43)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  44. Magna Carta (325-195 / 2nd, DMV South) (Was 44)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  45. Apocalypse (318-122 / 1st, Bronx) (Was 45)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  46. Hot Pockets (313-207 / 3rd, DMV North) (Was 46)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  47. Pocket Kingz (299-221 / 3rd, NJ Northwest) (Was 47)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  48. X-It Woundz (280-240 / 4th, NJ Northwest) (Was 48)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  49. Project Mayhem (323-197 / 3rd, Long Island) (Was 49)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.
  50. The Franchise (333-187 / 2nd, Brooklyn/Queens) (Was 34)
    Eliminated in the first weekend.



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