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District Preview


Andre Welbon gives us his sneak preview of the DMV South

So, I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day holiday. I am back again to stir the pot. Here are my DMV South Predictions for where Franchises will finish out this 2021-2022 Season.

DMV South
13th Place – Guilty By Association: A family Franchise, they will have very good cohesion and will have an amazing time on the lanes, but that does not necessarily translate to wins. I think this Franchise will be competitive at times, but will struggle a bit due to lack of punching power when needed to keep up with their opponents.
12th Place – Framed 4 Murda: Much like Guilty By Association, this squad will be competitive, but their lack of striking power will cause major problems in matches. They will be reliant on their handicap to get them through many matches and that typically is a losing scenario.
11th Place – Infamous: This Franchise has been pretty stagnant. They have talent, but talent alone will not get you victories in this division.
10th Place – NoVa Beastmode: This Franchise has a ton of young talent, but is that talent focused on UBA success? They will surprise a few teams this year if (emphasis on IF) they have key bowlers in the lineup. Without their core this Franchise will be in for a long season.
9th Place – Magna Carta: On paper, this team is extremely talented, but skill and talent, as I mentioned before, does not always translate to wins. They loss a ton of bowlers during opt out, but they still have a stout roster. This is one Franchise that can beat a few playoff Franchises and no one would be surprised. We will have to see who decides to come out and bowl at Tour Stops this season to know their true potential.
8th Place – Contract Killaz: Many will say that I have a bias against this Franchise, at times I do, but by the numbers, this Franchise has talent, but not elite talent. They should be in every match, but this Franchise does not have enough strength to get by many of the teams ahead of them.
7th Place – Dynasty: This Franchise will be motivated to win and will be very competitive this year, but they are struggling for a scratch presence and their handicap will have to have a very good day each outing to keep them in matches. This is unlikely to be a consistent occurrence.
6th Place – Boardwalk Empire: This Franchise has had some changes and the off season has left many of their bowlers rusty. Ultimately, this Franchise is strong enough to compete, but I am just not getting the preeminent playoff BE feel from this Franchise anymore.
5th Place – Body Bagz: This Franchise has acquired some new talent and is extremely motivated to win this season. If they are consistent and have the right bowlers in the lineup then they should be in the running for the playoffs this season.
4th Place – Most Wanted: This Franchise is great on paper. They have scratch and handicap bowlers and they know how to win. They definitely have playoff pedigree and there is no reason why they should not be in the top 4 of this division similar to how they finished the season before.
3rd Place: DC Mafia: The offseason should reap great rewards for this Franchise that was already extremely good. On paper they are easily top 3 in the DMV South and they should definitely be competing in the playoffs this year.
2nd Place – High Powered: This Franchise is among the best in the DMV. If they are not rusty and bowling like they should then they will be battling for the top position in the DMV South like they are supposed to.
1st Place – Str8 Bizness Cartel: This should be no surprise to anyone. SBC’s roster is better than it was the year before so there is no reason why they should not be at the top of the DMV South like they are every year.


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