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Weekend Preview

Weekend Preview – Welcome to Nationwide

Nationwide opens, NY will be opeing, and more.

This weekend may be one of the most exciting ones since the Coronavirus hit. Places are now opening, places will be opening next week, and New Yorkers will be having a reason to rejoice. Let’s get to the rejoicing…

1. Some Nationwide Alleys are opening on Friday
If you’re in Northern New Jersey, you’ll be happy to know that the Nationwide Chain will be opening up this weekend. The list includes Bowler City, Hudson Lanes, and Linden Lanes. More will be opening up in the future. Stay tuned to hear which ones.

2. New York is opening on Monday, according to Cuomo
It seems like all of those meetings in NY this week wound up being fruitful. Accoring to Governor Andrew Cuomo, bowling alleys will be able to open up on Monday at 50% capacity. When we get the full statement on Monday, we will be posting it here.

3. PBA Regional Event in Maryland
There will be a PBA Regional evevnt in Maryland – which right now is a hot spot state. Hopefully everyone that goes down will quarantine themselves once they come back…

4. MANY tournaments in South Carolina
Southeast UBA Teams will be setting up their tournaments. In addition, there will be team scrimmages during August. Check it out.

5. But nothing in North Carolina. At least legally.
As of right now, the doors stay closed. But they may open up sooner than later. You can check out social media for the details.

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