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Clinch Chart – Southeast Conference! (Updated 7/1/24)

Boring for the Hitmen. Maybe exciting for everyone else.

Hello everyone!

This is the start of the playoff breakdowns in the UBA. We are continuing with the Southeast Conference, which will be significantly easier to figure out once the NENJ plays their 11th tour stop. Just a reminder on how this works:

Capital – Top 3
Coastal – Top 3
Sandhills – Top 3
Triad – Top 4
Queen City – Top 4
Deep South – Top 3
Palmetto – Top 3
1 Wild Card Team for a total of 24 teams
Current Last Wild Card Point Total: 290 (Keep in mind that not every district has bowled 12 tour stops yet)

Time to take a road trip…

Hitmen: Clinched First. Boring.
Outkasts: Clinched Second. Boring again.
Capital City Hitters: Clinched third. Yawwwwwnnnn.
Everyone else: The Greenway is absolutely breathtaking – a perfect place to go when you’re not bowling in July.

Dirty South Legends: They clinched their division. Yay!
Critical Roll: They took more than enough to take second and get in.
The Outsiders: 2 more points would have gotten second. That being said, they got third and will be going to the July Dance.
Everyone else: Atlanta Falcons preseason games start soon.

Synergy: HUGE statement match for them as they take first place in the IC. Peaking at the right time?
Striking Vipers: No Wild Card shenanigans Needed. They are in.
Watchmen: They did what they needed to do to steal the final spot from the Beach Brawlers.
Everyone else: I hear River Boats have some really nice casinos inside. I haven’t experience it – just heard about it.

This sort of felt like musical chairs with the Top 4 teams separated by 6 points and the chairs only going to three teams.
Spartanberg Savages: You get the first chair.
Augusta Reign: You get the second chair
Carolina Rampage: You get the last chair
Everyone Else: Tree watching can give you some nice exercise. Breath in that North Carolina air. Aaaaaahhhhhh.

This is one of 2 districts in the Southeastern Conference that have not finished all of their tour stops.
DILLIGAF: They did enough to win the district BUT they lose the match. That’s a trend that usually doesn’t bode well for the losers.
G-Town Heavy Hitters: It bodes well for G-Town. Can they do what they need to do in order to keep the momentum going in July?
The M.O.B.: Third place is good. Especially in this district.
Natural Disaster: They do enough to make sure they don’t need to worry about the Wild Card – which is good, because they would not have snagged the Wild Card.
Everyone Else: NASCAR! The Hall Of Fame for NASCAR is pretty close by.

Beast Squad: Thie little team got to market with a first placed check.
The Disciples: This little team jumped to second place.
High Octane: This little team got a playoff spot and roast beef (though they would have probably preferred second place over roast beef).
Natural Selection: This little team got none. 🙁
Everyone else: You know what goes good with sand? Golf courses. I love me some mini golf (not real golf. I stink at real golf).

The Wild Card will be coming from the Triad.
New World Order: Randy McWilliams’ squad does it again. Repeat!
Disorderly Conduct: They didn’t take 38 but they DID snag the win and stayed in second place.
Conspiracy Theory: Winning their last 7 tour stops should give some of the other teams cause for concern….
GOAT: …it should give G.O.A.T. some concern but they did get in, so that’s pretty good.
Stay Dangerous: They lost, but not badly enough to be eliminated. That doesn’t exactly sound like reassuring comfort come play-off time, does it?
Everyone Else: There’s nothing like sitting on a boat in a lazy river drinking some tea and doing some fishing. It’s the perfect time to do it and that’s great when there’s no bowling to be done.


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