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UBA Playoffs by the numbers

Gordon Pepper does some number crunching and answers some discussed questions.

Let’s chat UBA Playoffs and go into some stats – because stats are always fun 😀

Who’s Left? By Seeds:
Did chalk hold or did we get a mess of epic proportions? It depends on who you ask. Overall, here’s the numbers:
Seeds: 1-4: 8
Seeds: 5-8: 6
Seeds: 9-12: 8
Seeds: 13-16: 5
Seeds: 17-20: 3
Seeds: 21-24: 2
Highest Seed left: 1 (Impact, Hitmen)
Lowest Seeds Left: 21 (X-It Woundz), 22 (Hills Have Eyes)
It does look pretty balanced with more higher seeds left. And let’s be honest – X-It Woundz should not be a 21 seed (but such is the points life)

District Records
Long Island: 8-1 (4 Teams Left)
DMV South: 4-2 (4 Teams Left)
Triad: 5-2 (3 Teams Left)
NWNJ: 4-1 (2 Teams Left)
New England North: 3-1 (2 Teams Left)
NJ Shore: 5-2 (2 Teams Left)
Virginia: 2-1 (2 Teams Left)
Queen City: 3-2 (2 Teams Left)
PA South: 4-3 (2 Teams Left)
Inner Coastal: 3-2 (1 Team Left)
Capital: 2-2 (1 Team Left)
NENJ: 2-3 (1 Team Left)
Metro North: 2-4 (1 Team Left)
Brooklyn/Queens: 2-4 (1 Team Left)
DMV North: 1-2 (1 Team Left)
Deep South: 1-2 (1 Team Left)
DMV Central: 1-3 (1 Team Left)
NJ South: 1-4 (1 Team Left)
Palmetto: 1-3 (0 Teams Left)
Sandhills: 1-3 (0 Teams Left)
New England South: 1-6 (0 Teams left)*
*For all of the CT teams whining at me that I’m too harsh on them, THIS is the reason why I shall continue to be harsh. The New England South had been tied with the most number of teams in (6) and they are all gone after Round 2. Yipes.
PA North: 0-3 (0 Teams Left)**
**Malachi Moore has preached the whole entire season that the PA North is the cupcake district of the UBA. Seeing that they didn’t even win a match at all shows that he may be on to something.

To Bye Or Not To Bye?
So the question of is a bye better or not depends on what region you’re in when you asked that question.
As so:
Southeast: Bye teams went 6-2
Atlantic: Bye teams went 2-6
Northeast: Bye teams went 1-7
In the Central, where there weren’t any byes, the higher seed went 4-4.

The higher seeds go 13-19 and there are 10 District Winners that are still in the playoffs. That’s around half, which is MUCH better than last season, when only 5 district winners got past the first weekend. Why? You can attribute it to certain matchups where the higher seed wasn’t necessarily the favorite. NJNW and Long Island are powerhouses and they churn out teams that make a run every season, so some people would consider them favorites against district winners. In addition, a number of high seeded teams had their best bowlers in Vegas competing in nationals, thinking that what they had would be enough to get by. They were painfully wrong, which shows that the talent level is so close that losing a key member could be the difference between still playing and waiting for the next Tour Season to begin.

Read the (Bleeping) Rules

We know the drill here. Every single year, at least one team gets nailed by not following the rules in terms of jerseys, or eligible players, etc. and we see the result of that on Monday on social media saying they didn’t know, didn’t check rosters, etc. This year did not disappoint, so as a public service, here is the link to the rules so you can read up on them for next weekend, next month, or this upcoming September.

2023-24 UBA Playing and Association Rules FINAL (Sep-2023).pdf (

You’re welcome.

We shall have conference breakdowns, Top 50, etc. later on this week. Enjoy the week!

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