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Clinch Chart – Central Conference! (Updated 7/1/24)

Gordon Pepper breaks down the playoff scenarios.

Hello everyone!

This is the start of the playoff breakdowns in the UBA. We are starting the week off with the Central Conference, for 2 reasons – 1. It’s the only district that will be completed after this weekend, hence 2. it’s going to be the easiest to figure out. Everyone has one tour stop left, so when the weekend is over, we will have our 16 teams. Just a reminder how this works:

DMV North – Top 3
DMV Central – Top 3
DMV South – Top 4
Virginia – Top 3
3 Wildcards (16 teams total)
Current Last Wild Card Point Total: 258

Let’s start it up
Outrage: They need 31 to reclaim first. They got 32. Congratulations to Outrage for once again winning the DMV North.
NWO Wolfpack: They found out the hard way just how deadly Outrage is when they are properly motivated. Second is still good.
Mutiny: They did what they needed to go to get third place. Congrats to them as well.
Checking Out the Smithsonian: Everyone else.

Impact: Remember that killer instinct they didn’t have last year? By winning the ditrict, they may have gotten it back again this year.
Hot Pockets: They didn’t clinch first but they got some help to ensure that they stayed in second.
Magna Carta: They took points, but not enough to jump to second. They will have to settle for third.
Kryptonite: They got what they needed. One of the few teams to have things swing their way. They snag the final wild card.
The Washington DC’s O Museum is nice these days: Everyone else

High Powered: You want to send a message? 38-2 sends a message. Wow. Playoff dark horse?
Str8 Bizness Cartel: They needed a big win. Instead, they got a big loss that dropped them to third. They still get to dance in July, so it’s better to lick off their wounds now than licking them in August.
DC Mafia: Because of said SBC Loss (and their win over Framed 4 Murda), they will finish in a very respectable second place.
Framed 4 Murda: They stay in 4th, which looking at everything that could have happened, wasn’t terrible. Not great, but not terrible.
Dynasty: Hey Contract Killaz! We don’t feel like bowling today. Want our spot? Go ahead and take it. We’ll grab yours, since we’re already in the playoffs. We’ll go to the bar and grab some gummies while we’re at it.
Contract Killaz: Whatever the reason why they took 30, the fact is that they took 30 and will now see if they can pull off some more wins next month.
At least the Orioles are going to be good this season: Everyone else.

High Voltage
: Winners! Well done.
The Risen: Didn’t win first but took second! Well done.
Fearless: Took 4 points and plummeted to third, but are still in the playoffs. Well done?
Virginia Preseason College Football, anyone?: Everyone else


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