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Thirsty Thursday!

A Little Red Wine and Some Night Music

It is a Thirsty Thursday and I am sipping a little red wine. I was asked about my Predictions for the Playoffs next month, so I thought I would oblige.

Round 1 – A Side

Match 1 – #1 Impact vs. #16 Kryptonite: I really like match ups that have the potential to bring about unexpected results. This match up has the potential for a big upset. If everyone on each team’s roster that is playoff eligible is available, then this one will be closer than advertised. Kryptonite can match up well and presents some obstacles for Impact on at least one of their handicap pairs. Impact has the better overall squad and their Scratch pair should be able to build a pretty commanding lead. Impact wins 26 to 14.

Match 2 – #8 DC Mafia vs. #9 Magna Carta: These two teams are pretty evenly matched on paper based on who one would expect to bowl. However, experience is a huge factor and DCM has a little bit more playoff experience than MC. Also, AMF Fredericksburg should be a little more friendly to DCM’s roster. This will not be a blowout. DC Mafia wins 24 to 16.

Match 3 – #4 High Voltage vs. #13 Contract Killaz: This is a unique match up. Yes, HV bowlers are primarily out of Richmond, but there are a few on the roster that know the landscape of AMF Fredericksburg. CK has a very capable handicap pair. They will have to really utilize it and hope their scratch pair can steal a few games if they want to keep things close. HV will utilize their strength in bowling pedigree and simply look to outscore CK. HV sneaks by with a 26 to 14 win.

Match 4 – #5 N.W.O. Wolfpack vs. #12 Fearless: This is my second favorite match up of the first round. N.W.O. has been great this season. They have used a great balance of bowlers, but we have seen what can happen to them if their handicap is not bowling better than their averages suggest. Fearless has a very similar team dynamic as N.W.O., a strong scratch pair and extremely balanced handicap pairs. The question is who will get hot early. Scratch pairs should nullify each other. Fearless gets the slight edge, 22 to 18.

First Round – B Side

Match 1 – #2 High Powered vs. #15 Dynasty: This is a tricky match because Dynasty knows AMF Fredericksburg better than most of the teams in the playoffs. The scratch pair will be closer than what some may think. Handicap is where things get interesting. A few breaks and Dynasty could upset HP, but ultimately, HP is a little too much. HP wins 28 to 12.

Match 2 – #7 Hot Pockets vs. #10 Str8 Bizness Cartel: Please do not get me wrong, Hot Pockets is a great squad. They can score on scratch and have capable talent on both handicap pairs. But, with that said, SBC is not your typical 10th seed. On top of that, all of their bowlers are familiar with AMF Fredericksburg while most of Hot Pockets is not. This is the epitome of a bad draw for Hot Pockets. SBC should win this one 30 to 10.

Match 3 – #3 Outrage vs. #14 Mutiny: It is playoff time, which means Outrage will be ready. Let’s not forget that Outrage has lost in round 1 in the playoffs before, and Mutiny is no slouch. They have a strong scratch presence and bowlers that can match up with Outrage, average-wise. Unfortunately for Mutiny, experience is on Outrage’s side. Outrage wins 26 to 14.

Match 4 – #6 The Risen vs. #11 Framed 4 Murda: This match gives me pause. F4M has the advantage of knowing the house and will have the pin advantage on handicap. But, The Risen is built for this and the moment will not be too big for them. Also, I know a few people on F4M that will feed into Joey’s need to talk trash and get loud, which only helps The Risen. Handicap better come to play for F4M, if it does, they can take this match. This will be close, but The Risen will be slightly much for F4M. The Risen wins 24 to 16.


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