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Clinch Chart – Atlantic Conference! (Updated 7/1/24)

The New England Heat have the most points in the Atlantic.

Hello everyone!

This is the start of the playoff breakdowns in the UBA. This article is going to be about the Atlantic Conference. This conference features districts that have more than one tour stop left, so this is going to be updated frequently. Just a reminder how this works:

Long Island – Top 4
Brooklyn/Queens – Top 4
Metro North – Top 4
NE North – Top 3
NE South – Top 4
5 Wild Cards (24 Teams Total)
Current Last Wild Card Point Total: 254

Everyone looking for a Wild Card spot can send a Thank You card to the BC Crew, who stopped the Bowling Bullies in their tracks. With that all being said, there’s 3 teams who claimed a Wild Card spot, which leaves 7 teams competing for the other 2, with a few of those teams hanging on by a thread. Read on…

Justus League: WINNAH! And Undefeated in Tour Stop play. Impressive.
Lane Crashers: They snagged a playoff spot.
Lightz Out: Third. Meh.
Wrecking Crew: Fourth. Meh Meh.
Da Hit Squad: Fifth place, which means they need to settle for a Wild Card. Meh X 3.
Everyone else: I would say go watch the Mets, but they stink. What’s playing at the Barclay Center?

BC Crew: They take the District. BC is getting hot at the right time for bonus bowling in July.
Killerz Grip: Last time out, they complained about BC Crew jumping over them. This time around, they can truly thank BC Crew for squashing Royal Flush to KG can clinch second.
Royal Flush: From first….to third. They still get in, but boy, did they take a hit in the wallet. They need to make that up in the playoffs.
Release the Kraken: They will bowl in July, but they will be limping into the playoffs.
Long Island Legends: They did what they needed to do (take lots of points) and they clinch a Wild Card spot.
Everyone else: I am a HUGE Kim Sozzi fan. If you don’t know who she is, there’s now plenty of time to look up her catalog and see her in concert. She’s great live.

City Morgue: They win the District. I could say more, but I’d get angry emails that I didn’t put enough respect on their name and someone will be offended about something.
The Tribe: They don’t win the Metro but they do finish in second because…
Controlled Chao$: Two teams showed up, and Class aXe absolutely wanted this one more. A few more points and Choa$ would have been jumped.
Class aXe: From yuck to 4th and a playoff spot. Impressive.
Apocalypse: They get the last Wild Card spot in a crazy match.
Everyone else: While the Mets stink, the Yankees are really good. Go see them just to watch Juan Soto in action.

MOP Nation Militia: I know it would have been fun if MOP got swept, but they had a great season and deserved to take first. The playoffs loom ahead.
House Shot Heros: They fell short of 40, but they got more than 10, which means they keep second place..
Identity Crisis: Welcome back to the playoffs for the third-placed IC.
Everyone else: If amusement parks are your thing, Six Flags Great Escape is a wonderful afternoon of fun.

New England Heat: Undefeated! Can they convert that in the playoffs?
The Fallout: They get in with a First Round bye.
Pound4Pound: Third.
Bowlerama Express: Fourth.
Public Enemy: 5th but in as a Wild Card.
The Commission: 6th but also in as a Wild Card
Everyone Else: For teams that don’t want to go as far north as Great Escape, there’s Six Flags New England (which is around 75 minutes closer if you’re in the Connecticut area).


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