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Thirsty Thursday!

Reborn in 2023

Dies in 2022. Lives in 2023

So, I died and was reborn last Friday. Now that I have your attention, it is Thirsty Thursday. Not so thirsty for me as I have joined my wife in a one-month cleanse from alcohol in all of its forms…sigh. We are back to bowling this weekend in the DMV. Below you will find a reminder of my predictions. Also, Brawls are back and the NE Unholy is coming in February. Get your teams and money ready!

My current prediction percentage is 60 out of 99 (including Ranking Matches) at 61% on the Season.
Interconference Match Ups

Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 1PM at Crofton Bowl

Match #1 – Outrage vs. Impact: Outrage wins 24 to 16.

Match #2 – Mutiny vs. Hot Pockets: Hot Pockets wins 22 to 18.

Match #3 – Apex Predators vs. Most Wanted: MW wins 26 to 14.

Match #4 – Charm City Chaos vs. N.W.O. Wolfpack: NWO wins 28 to 12.

Match #5 – Pin Krushers vs. The Expendables: The Expendables win 24 to 16.

Match #6 – Killer Keglers vs. Body Bagz: BETTING WNDOW IS WIIIIIDE OPEN! (I will be on the scratch pair.)

Match #7 – Da Stoners vs. Kryptonite: Kryptonite wins 26 to 14.

Match #8 – Vipers vs. Boardwalk Empire: BE wins 26 to 14.

Position Round

Saturday, January 7, 2023 at 10AM and 2PM at AMF Dale City


7th Place, Framed 4 Murda vs. 8th Place, Infamous: Infamous wins 26 to 14.

9th Place, NoVa Beastmode vs. 10th Place, Lethal Njection: Beastmode wins 22 to 18.

11th Place, Dynasty vs. 12th Place, Guilty By Association: Dynasty wins 28 to 12.


1st Place, Str8 Bizness Cartel, vs. 2nd Place, Magna Carta: SBC wins 26 to 14.

3rd Place, Contract Killaz vs. 4th Place, No Clowns Allowed: NCA wins 24 to 16.

5th Place, High Powered vs. 6th Place, DC Mafia: DCM wins 22 to 18.

Ranking Matches

  1. 1 Outrage vs. #2 N.W.O. Wolfpack: Sunday, January 8th at 5PM at Brunswick Perry Hall. Outrage wins 24 to 16.
  2. 10 Guilty By Association vs. #13 Body Bagz: Sunday, January 8th at 5PM at Rinaldi Riverdale. BETTING WINDOW IS WIIIIDE OPEN! (I may or may not be bowling on the trios pair.)
  3. 11 Apex Predators vs. #14 NoVa Beastmode: Saturday, January 7th at 5PM at Annapolis Bowl. Apex wins 26 to 14.
  4. 3 Hot Pockets vs. #6 Impact: Sunday, January 8th at 3:30PM at Crofton Bowl. Impact wins 24 to 16.
  5. 5 Mutiny vs. #7 DC Mafia: Sunday, January 8th at 3:30PM at Crofton Bowl. DCM wins 22 to 18.
  6. #9 Dynasty vs. #12 No Clowns Allowed: Sunday, January 8th at 2PM at Bowl America Falls Church. NCA wins 24 to 16.

Power Ranking in the DMV

  1. Outrage
  2. Str8 Bizness Cartel
  3. Impact
  4. Hot Pockets
  5. Magna Carta
  6. Contract Killaz
  7. Mutiny
  8. Most Wanted
  9. No Clowns Allowed
  10. High Powered
  11. Apex Predators
  12. N.W.O. Wolfpack
  13. The Expendables
  14. DC Mafia
  15. Charm City Chaos
  16. Pin Krushers
  17. Framed 4 Murda
  18. Infamous
  19. Killer Keglers
  20. NoVa Beastmode
  21. Body Bagz
  22. Da Stoners
  23. Lethal Njection
  24. Kryptonite
  25. Dynasty
  26. Guilty By Association
  27. Boardwalk Empire
  28. Vipers


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