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The Unholy North and the Brawling South

That sounds like a great name for a mini-series. It also sounds like a great name for a Post-up Column. Why, you ask? Because…

  1. Northeast Unholy Alliance: Last week, the South had theirs. Now Bowlerama in Delaware gets to do some hosting of their own.
  2. Northeast World Championship Series: Can Yvette Ford, George Williams and the Dysfunctional bowlers hold on to their belts? Or will we be seeing new champions?
  3. Southeast Brawl Weekend: There will be 4 Southeast Brawl Tournaments. That means 4 more chances to go into Battle Bowl and win $10,000 for your club.
  4. So who did win Southeast Unholy? The unofficial results will be posted up this week.
  5. Corona Ice. Not a new beverage. Of course, we will keep on eyeballing what’s going on in Weather and Virus land. If there’s something we know, we’ll make sure you know, too.

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