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Sandhills Tour Stop #4

Tour Stop #4 is in the books.

Good Morning, SE. My apologies for the lateness of this tour stop posting. I needed a confirmation of the standings before proceeding further with the unofficial post. Since there is no information pertaining to standings within the rules, will go with logical reasoning here.

Unofficial Tour Stop #4 – Northview Lanes is ready for viewing.

  1. We have a 3-way tie between CS, DIS, and NS. Matchplay and Overall Pins will be in effect in this tiebreaker. In Match #3: NS vs CS, CS won against NS 34-6, and since matchplay has more value over overall pins that put CS in 4th and NS in 5th, technically. However, DIS (23,331) has a higher overall pinfall over NS (23,053) by 278 which puts DIS in 5th and that leaves NS in 6th since we’re going to be technical about it.
  2. A tie between RR and SOS. RR (23,692) has a higher overall pinfall over SOS (22,340) by 1,352 which puts RR in 9th and SOS in 10th

My unofficial report is done. That is all, SE. Enjoy your day.

**Major Update**

Exclude the 3-way tie. A development occurred that there was a tie game in a match-up between SOS vs CS of Game 2. So, the standings have been adjusted accordingly. However, the overall total pinfall still stands between DIS and NS. That’s it.


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