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Sandhills Vs. Capital Season Tour #5 Stats

Good Evening, SE. The Unofficial Inner Conference between Sandhills vs Capital (Season Tour #5) is ready for viewing.

Capital District, I hope you don’t mind me doing this for your district along with Sandhills but this is what the projection looks like if everything is according to the information provided to me.

– Notices –

  1. Sandhills Standings has a tie between NS and UNT. NS (29,289) over UNT (29,164) by 125. NS is 4th and UNT is 5th.

This pretty much covers my reporting. Congrats to the unofficial winners and to the honor scorers. My brain cells are fried so you’re welcome, SE. It’s been a pleasure. Oh, and it was also a pleasure working with you, Mrs. Wana Williams and your Bracket Runner (my apologies for not knowing her name). Hope to work with y’all again someday. I’ll be around as long as the Lord allows it. AMEN. As you were, SE. That is all. #sandhills #capital #seasontour #ubaallday

– Update –

Adjusted Capital’s Total Pinfall. My fault for not looking at the final results for those 3 teams when I took the pic before adding their results for the 3rd Game but the pinfall for the other 2 teams still stands, unofficially


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