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Thirsty Thursday!

Prediction for Tour Stop #4

The Bad Twin is sizing up the competition.

Happy Thirsty Thursday to you all. Here are my prediction recaps for this weekend. I will get into the Ranking Matches afterwards. No beverages this morning because I have more interesting stuff to do today.

My current prediction rate is 35 out of 58 for 60% (including Ranking Matches).

DMV South

Bowl America Woodbridge on Sunday, November 6th at 1PM

1. HP over NCA: 26 to 14.

2. DCM over MC: This is my MUST SEE match of this Tour Stop. 24 to 16.

3. Dynasty over F4M: 24 to 16.

4. Infamous over GBA: 22 to 18.

5. SBC over Beastmode: This is my LOCK MATCH of this Tour Stop. 30 to 10.

6. CK over Lethal Njection: 26 to 14.

Potential Upset Alert(s): I can see GBA, NCA, Lethal Njection, and MC sneaking out wins at Woodbridge.

DMV Central

Annapolis Bowl on Saturday, November 5th at 12PM

Position Round

#1 Impact vs. #2 The Expendables: Impact 28 to 12.

#3 Hot Pockets vs. #4 N.W.O. Wolfpack: Hot Pockets 24 to 16.

#5 Most Wanted vs. #6 Body Bagz: Fun and exciting match.

#7 Kryptonite vs. #8 Boardwalk Empire: Kryptonite 24 to 16.

Potential Upset Alert(s): N.W.O. could sneak a win here along with BE.

DMV North

AMF Southdale on Sunday, November 6th at 12PM

Position Round

#1 Outrage vs. #2 Mutiny: Outrage 28 to 12.

#3 Charm City Chaos vs. #4 Apex Predators: Apex 24 to 16.

#5 Pin Krushers vs. #6 Killer Keglers: KK wins 24 to 16.

#7 Vipers vs. #8 Da Stoners: Stoners 26 to 14.

Potential Upset Alert(s): PK could take a victory at Southdale.

Ranking Match

Scheduled Matches

1. #3 Hot Pockets vs. #6 Impact: Saturday, November 5th at 2:30PM at Annapolis Bowl. Well, Impact at Annapolis should be a lock for Impact. Hot Pockets can compete with anyone, so they will make this one interesting. However, I have Impact pulling this out 24 to 16.

2. #10 High Powered vs. #13 DC Mafia: Sunday, November 6th at 3:30pm at Bowl America Woodbridge. Well, this will be a great match. Both teams will have previewed the lanes. However, HP has the edge here with their 3 featured bowlers bowling lights out over the last few weeks. DCM will have to keep it close on singles and doubles and hope to edge it out on trios. I am going with HP to win this one, 22 to 18.

Pending Matches

1. #1 Outrage vs. #2 SBC: A powerhouse match up. Both teams strike everywhere, but Perry Hall especially favors Outrage. The trick for SBC is to keep things close on doubles and singles as SBC should have an edge on trios. Either way, I like Outrage to pull out the victory here, 24 to 16.

2. #7 GBA vs. #8 Kryptonite: This will be all about location of the match. Kryptonite has looked sketchy and GBA has shown up in their Ranking Matches. Hard to predict a winner here, but I believe that Kryptonite pulls it together and wins, 24 to 16.

3. #9 Dynasty vs. #11 NoVa Beastmode: If this happens at BA Woodbridge then Beastmode will be extremely competitive. I am guessing Dynasty will put out a tad bit stronger singles and doubles for this one since it could be after their Tour Stop. I give Dynasty the edge, 26 to 14.

4. #15 Body Bagz vs. #16 Killer Keglers: A rematch. BB is still searching for some consistency and KK still looks pretty good in Ranking Matches. BB pulled out the first one, but it wasn’t by much. Should be a good one. Betting window is open.


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