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TKOuch; Murder Inc. Falls to DGF

It’s no longer a runaway.

Here are the results of Tour Stop #6 in the Northwest New Jersey District

Da Garden Foundation: 34, Murder Inc. 6
If anyone on Murder Inc. thought they were going to cruise to the NWNJ District Title they got a rude awakening this past weekend as DGF obliterated them by 489 pins on the wood. How bad was it? The LOWEST score on DGF’s side was Al-Torre Hooper’s 692. Everything else? 7’s. Andrew Suscreba (782), Brent Tishuk (758), Rusty Thomsen (755), Bryan Spencer (750), JD Santalucia (732), Jerrold Fredericks (725), Alex Cavagnaro (722) and Jim Hosier (716) all throw down. Murder Inc does get 7’s from Quentin Collins (779), Havel Wright (739), Derek Smith (726) and Chris Hedges (716) do what they can for Murder Inc, but….scores. Murder Inc. takes their first loss of the season while DGF closes to within 27 of the front-runners.

Pocket Kingz: 24, X-It Woundz: 16
Football is a game of inches. Bowing is a game of pins. Tyler Bartee (780), Aaron Williams (746), Greg Psszyler Jr (740) and Michael Griffin (721) take enough of them to win the wood by 6 and steal the match. Chris Aponte (793), Duteche Aine (789), Idris Edmond (703) and Daquan Green (700) all score for X-It, but lack of 6 pins keeps them in 8th with a lot of ground to make up. The Kingz remain in third.

Dead Flush: 28, Amerrikaz Most Wanted: 12
Don’t look now, but Dead Flush is quietly moving up the chart. James Fitz’ Jr.’s 300 game and 802 series, combined with Brian Hegedus’ 770 and Danny Palominos’ 709, gives Dead Flush the wood by 93. AMW gets a 300 of their own from Ron Harris (722), but they don’t get an 800 series from anyone, hence they remain in 9th. DF is now in a playoff spot, which rekindles the matches they’ve had against DGF….

Do It Yourself: 24, Top Gunz: 16
Top Gunz wins the battle – Patrick Stegmaier (736) outduels Shonta WIlliams (730) to win the scratch. But the Gunz get splattered by 195 pins on the last handicap trios, as they lose the war to DIY. Top Gunz sees (for now) their playoff spot vanish and their lead over DIY dropped to 18 points.

Reaper Crew: 34, Da Takeover: 6
The Reaper Crew FINALLY get their first win as they wake up against DTO. Michael Morris Jr (788), Chris Fisher (758), Thomas Martino (727), Brandon Sach (714) and Glenn Morh Jr (707) all score for the Reapers. Michael Hanlein hits a 774 for DTO, but that’s not nearly enough as they drop to 7th. The Reapers are now 1 point away from getting out of the cellar. Where has this been all season?

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