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Motivational Rankings

Top 25 Motivational Rankings Chart – DEBUT

Hi all – so what is this?

This is a Top 25 Ranking chart, where the Top 25 teams will be ranked. It will be fun, cause lots of issues (as usual) with people calling me mean names (also usual). So if you like it, great! If you don’t, well…it will MOTIVATE you to bowl better (which is why it’s called the Motivational Chart. Get it?) This will be updated every week. So enjoy Chart #1!

UBA Motivational Rankings

  1. G.O.A.T.
    First place in their district and they have the World Champ. Easy pick here.
  2. Outrage
    To be the champs, you have to beat the champs.
  3. Hitmen
    Tied for first in their district and very active in the Team / WCS Segments
  4. Murder Inc.
    It’s Murder Season. Could also be Tag Team Title Season this month
  5. Strike City
    Taking their showing from Battle Bowl and rolling it into a current first place in their district
  6. BC Crew
  7. High Octane
    Right now, they are destroying the Sandhills District
  8. The Arsenal
    Their 38-2 win hasn’t been made official yet, but we know it’s there.
  9. Tribe Called Nest
    A huge off-season = current first placed team this season
  10. New England Heat
    They say the UBA is disrespecting them. I’m not.
  11. Motion 2 Strike
    Surprising team in first? Not if you’ve been paying attention
  12. Rival Alliance
    They are threatening to run away with the PA South district
  13. Conspiracy Theory
    The theory is they will stay in first. But how long will that last?
  14. #Violators
    Tied with the Hitmen in the Capital. Can they keep the momentum going?
  15. The Franchise
    Would have been higher, but they no longer have the Heavyweight belt. Sorry.
  16. Spartanberg Savages
    Taking advantage of some of the weird slow starts from the other teams in their district.
  17. AC Express
    They showed signs of taking the next step last season. So far, so good.
  18. Sub-Zero
    This team got very far last year and is right behind G.O.A.T.
  19. Synergy
    Another second placed team, but they are very active in the UBA activity department.
  20. Silent Killerz
    Hermie Hannibal lost her title to Tiffany Smalls of Da Takeover. Should Da Takeover win this weekend, Silent Killerz will lose this spot to them as well.
  21. All In!
    You guys (finally) took over first, so you get the spot. Happy? Good. Now don’t do what you did last season which is fall apart at the end of the season.
  22. Apocalypse
    This could turn into Tribe Vs. Apocalypse #3,582 for the district title. Juicy. I love it.
  23. Impact
    They are in a tenuous first place in the DMV. How long can they hold off Outrage?
  24. Chyna Syndrome / Identity Crisis / Whatever you are
    They will move up if they can hold off Joey Nereu’s MOP team, who this year is loaded.
  25. High Powered
    Another strange start by the DMV South has High Powered sitting on top while some of the teams you would expect to be on top are in the middle of the pack. Will that change?


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