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Warning – He’s biased.

This weekend, ladies and gentlemen. Saturday, July 6th, AMF Circle Lanes, East Haven, CT. Twenty four teams, fighting to extend their season… and only eight will survive to continue their hunt for the Wilder Cup next weekend. Rounds one and two of the Atlantic Conference Playoffs are upon us – so let’s take a look at the individual brackets and break down these matches, and potential Round 2 matches in the afternoon shift:


Yes, I rep the Metro North. Yes, I am biased. And no, I don’t know much about quite a few of the teams outside of our district. If you’re sensitive… proceed with caution.


Controlled Chaos (#16) vs Identity Crisis (#17)

-winner bowls New England Heat (#1) in Round 2

Prediction: I really want to predict a Controlled Chaos win in the morning, with them riding that momentum to an unbelievable upset in the afternoon against what is most likely the strongest team in the conference. I know, I’m nuts. I also know that Controlled Chaos hates when I do this because they just love to prove me wrong for some reason. For real though, you guys are going to have to beat a team much better than you in order to make it to next weekend. So maybe I’ll just do you one last solid here and make the more obvious pick.

Winner of Bracket 1: New England Heat


Killerz Grip (#9) vs Apocalypse (#24)

-winner bowls Wrecking Crew (#8) in Round 2

Prediction: Apocalypse barely snuck into the playoffs, grabbing that final wildcard spot… but they’re a Metro North team so I’m predicting another busted bracket here. Big Underdog Energy, perhaps? We’ll find out either way on Saturday. In all seriousness, this bracket will more than likely end in an 8v9 matchup, but I’m still rooting for David to take down back-to-back Goliaths. Plus, longshots are fun!

Winner of Bracket 2: Apocalypse


Lightz Out (#13) vs Da Hit Squad (#20)

-winner bowls City Morgue (#4) in Round 2

Prediction: Okay so this prediction is going to look a little more normal, but only because I don’t know much about either of these two teams facing off in Round 1, so I’m predicting the higher seed to pull off the dub. Regardless of the outcome, however, City Morgue remains my pick as they have all season. They made it all the way to Battle Bowl last year – can they repeat that success? Personally, I think they’ll make it even further this season… they’re much stronger than they were a year ago.

Winner of Bracket 3: City Morgue


The Tribe (#12) vs Public Enemy (#21)

-winner bowls BC Crew (#5) in Round 2

Prediction: From what I understand, BC Crew is another powerhouse team that is always a Battle Bowl contender. Unfortunately for them, Tribe is another Metro North franchise and there is absolutely a pattern emerging in this prediction article. After missing playoffs entirely last season, they’re definitely ready to prove that they’re back to their old ways. They’re going to need all that fire and momentum to survive through two matches on Saturday. And if they do make it to Round 2, that second match is gonna be a doozy.

Winner of Bracket 4: The Tribe


Pound for Pound (#15) vs Class aXe (#18)

-winner bowls Justus League (#2) in Round 2

Prediction: The fact that Class aXe had to fight its way into the playoffs this year is still a shock to me – they won the Metro North last season by such a margin that they did not even have to bowl the final regular season match for the top spot. This year has definitely been more of a grind for them than I expected… but I still think they’re stronger than their seeding might suggest. And they’ll have to be if they want to knock out not one but two teams with better records than them – and they’re absolutely the underdogs if they do make it through to the afternoon match.

Winner of Bracket 5: Justus League


House Shot Heroes (#10) vs Long Island Legends (#23)

-winner bowls Lane Crashers (#7) in Round 2

Prediction: A bracket full of teams that I am not well acquainted with. But just looking over their rosters makes it obvious that all three of these teams have deep rosters and are more than capable of competing. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see any one of these teams actually make it all the way to Battle Bowl, honestly – yes, even the 23-seed underdogs. But I’m gonna make the safe bet here and say the top seed in this bracket survives this trio of teams.

Winner of Bracket 6: Lane Crashers


Release the Kraken (#14) vs Bowl o Rama Express (#19)

-winner bowls Mop Nation Militia (#3) in Round 2

Prediction: I’m just gonna say it – Mop Nation is strong. I think the winner of the first round match will be whichever team grinds it out better as this looks to be a fairly even matchup… and I think whichever team that is will more than likely be blown out by the team waiting to take on that winner. This might be the one and only bracket of the weekend where I don’t think an upset is very possible.

Winner of Bracket 7: Mop Nation Militia


Royal Flush (#11) vs The Commission (#22)

-winner bowls The Fallout (#6) in Round 2

Prediction: Unlike the previous bracket, I believe an upset is very possible in this one. All three of these teams match up well against each other, and while The Fallout does have the advantage on paper, the winner of the first round match in the morning could very well ride some of that momentum into a second victory later that day. Or, sitting and waiting for a reoil can prove to be fatal in the face of a fresher, more rested team. Playoffs are tricky like that.

Winner of Bracket 8: Royal Flush

However this Saturday pans out, one thing is for sure – the battle for the Atlantic Conference is chock full of incredible matchups… with some even more incredible matchup potential in store for next weekend. While I am definitely rooting for my Metro North family, the five teams my district is sending are all gonna have to bring their A-games if they want a shot at the Wilder Cup. 

Actually, two things are for sure. Everyone bowling this Saturday should go and get some pizza while they’re in town – the New Haven area has the best pizzerias in the entire world. Yes, better than New York.

…hey I did put a trigger warning at the beginning of this article – you knew what you were getting into when you decided to read this nonsense!



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