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First Gabrius of 2024

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday season – now it’s back to our regularly scheduled bowling. This is our last stop before the mid-season position round in February, with some very interesting matchups that might mix things up a bit once we hit the halfway mark of the 2023-2024 UBA Season Tour. Let’s take a look:


Secret Invasion (t.4th | 120-80) vs Controlled Chaos (t.4th | 120-80)

Two teams, tied for 4th, bowling against each other the match before a position round – y’all might be facing each other two stops in a row. This could also be a preview of a fight for the postseason. So… possible rivalry brewing?

Prediction: While I want to predict a 20-20 split because that would only make sense here, the chances of it actually happening are fairly slim – who in their right mind would predict a tie? On second thought, yeah, I’m doing it. Tie.

Team Beloved (12th | 45-155) vs Apocalypse (3rd | 122-78)

Very strong team versus a not so strong one. Apocalypse, the top is fairly tight – you need to take as many points as you can in this match before you face a much tougher opponent next month. Team Beloved – your season is slipping away and you gotta bring it this weekend. Will 2024 look any different than 2023?

Prediction: Apocalypse wins by a fair margin.

BOA (11th | 56-144) vs Devilz Rejects (8th | 92-108)

The final match of the morning shift is between two teams that both need points to climb up that ladder. A few months ago, I would have assumed that Devilz Rejects would be the underdog going into this match, but that proved to be incorrect. How will the second half of the season fill in the rest of the picture?

Prediction: Devilz Rejects wins, with a chance to be in the middle of the pack after February’s position round.


The Tribe (t.6th | 111-89) vs Area 51-8 (t.9th | 71-129)

Tribe has a chance of being in a top 4 spot after this match. Area 51-8, on the other hand, needs to start collecting points if they want a chance at making it into the playoffs again. The season is not quite half over yet… but it’s getting close.

Prediction: This is the fifth prediction article I have written. You all already know that my team is going to win.

Da Royalty (t.9th | 71-129) vs City Morgue (1st | 141-59)

My dark horse pick versus my pick to take the division this season. So, who do I pick here? Morgue is pretty much the obvious choice of the two, but I know what the guys on Da Royalty are capable of when they show up and throw scores.

Prediction: City Morgue will win this one. And while I am hoping that it is close and competitive, I’m kind of expecting a one-sided match here.

Royalty On Da Lanes (2nd | 140-60) vs Class aXe (t.6th | 111-89)

Class aXe is really gonna start hating me if I keep calling them underdogs, aren’t they… sorry guys. You’re the underdogs again. RODL is making a run at it this season, and are currently sitting one point out of first. They also haven’t lost a match since Stop 1 – will they keep their streak going? I’m expecting a very high-energy match here.

Prediction: Royalty On Da Lanes wins a match that will go down to the 10th frame of game 3.

So there are my picks for Tour Stop 6. Questions? Comments? Feedback? Come say hi in between shifts out in the parking lot – I’ll be surrounded by a bunch of tailgating aliens as we prepare for our afternoon match. Safe travels everyone, I’ll see y’all in a few days!



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