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All-American Conference Round of 8 Predictions

Andre Welbon chats DMV Playoffs Round 2

So, the Playoffs in the UBA had some exciting conclusions and some expected blowouts. Congrats to High Powered, DC Mafia, Apex Predators, and Hot Pockets for advancing. Let’s take a look at the Second Round match ups.

Round 2

Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 11AM at Bowl America Shirley

#1 Outrage vs. #8 Apex Predators: Apex just barely escaped pass N.W.O. There handicap 1 pair had some hiccups, which cannot happen against Outrage if they plan to keep bowling at 2pm. What can you say about Outrage? They are good, probably the best in the area and can bring it anywhere. Yes, they are not quite as familiar with this house, but that should not matter. I am not selling Sagirah, Jasper, Darrius, and Trey short, as they will battle. This will be a close match, but I just believe that Brian, Rich, Pat, Ray, Cavey, Eric, Calvin, J-Ho, and Sam know how to get it done during this time of the season and will not allow another upset to happen. I give Outrage the edge, 24 to 16.

#4 Magna Carta vs. #5 High Powered: This is my favorite match up of this round in the DMV. Both teams like this house and have bowlers specifically tailored to strike there. They are familiar with each other, they will be loud, and it is going down to the wire. I think the winner of this match will likely proceed onto Battle Bowl, as well, which is an unpopular opinion due to the winner likely having to face Outrage at 2PM if my prediction is correct.

#2 Str8 Bizness Cartel vs. #7 Hot Pockets: Well, Hot Pockets basically had two Playoff matches in one with how things turned out with Mutiny. They learned a lot about the house and learned that a single pair can doom you and no lead is safe during the playoffs. Hopefully, they can take that information and apply it to the biggest test they will have all season. SBC is THE team to beat at BA Shirley and that is not debatable in my opinion. Everyone they throw at you there are top tier and they only get better during crunch time. Hot Pockets has a chance, but it is very slight. I believe SBC wins this one, 28 to 12.

#3 Impact vs. #6 DC Mafia: My second favorite match up for the playoffs. Impact has had a good year, they should be the favorites as they have Battle Bowl pedigree, BUT the house, well, DC Mafia is built for it. DC Mafia rolled over Da Stoners and had great performances by Tommy Mclane, Diamond Barton, and John Oliver. Will this hold up? Will it even matter with SBC likely waiting for them in the next round? Well, Impact got by DC Mafia at Crofton last year and many believe they should do it again. I, however, think DC Mafia pulls off the upset. I am taking DCM, 24 to 16.

Round 3

Sunday, July 16, 2023 at 2PM at Bowl America Shirley

I predict Outrage vs. High Powered, which I believe High Powered will win in a very close match, 22 to 18.

I also predict Str8 Bizness Cartel vs. DC Mafia, which I believe SBC wins in a great match, 24 to 16.


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