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Round 2…Fight!

Andre Welbon gives us his scoop on the Central Conference Round 2.

So, Central Conference Playoffs Round 1 is done and we had mostly expected outcomes. Mutiny and Contract Killaz proved me wrong and SBC proved me absolutely correct (I guess 30 wasn’t disrespectful). 6 out of 8 right isn’t too shabby. Anyway, here are my predictions for Round #2:

Match 1: #1 Impact vs. #8 DC Mafia – One of the premier matchups of this round. Impact had their way with Kryptonite and DC Mafia made light work of Magna Carta in Round 1. Most knew this would be the likely match in this bracket and this one won’t disappoint. DCM is riding a nice wave and Fredericksburg seems to be favorable for them. Impact wasn’t really challenged and they really do not have any advantages on any pair. DCM bounced Impact last year in the playoffs and barring any setbacks they can certainly do it again. This one will be a thriller, but DCM wins 24 to 16.

Match 2: #12 Fearless vs. #13 Mutiny – Mutiny showed what they were capable of against High Voltage and Fearless stepped up against the Wolfpack. This will be an interesting match because Mutiny is scratch heavy and Fearless has a great balance of scratch and handicap. Will Mutiny be able to outscore Fearless and overcome some of the cap deficit, or will Fearless’s scratch build a lead big enough for the balanced handicap to carry the day? Fearless wins 26 to 14.

Match #3: #2 High Powered vs. #10 Str8 Bizness Cartel – This is the match most were waiting for in this bracket. HP and SBC did the expected in ousting Dynasty and Hot Pockets in a tune up. SBC has revenge on their mind and HP looks to press their advantage. Hard to see HP losing this one but the house favors SBC. SBC wins 24 to 16.

Match #4: #11 The Risen vs. #13 Contract Killaz – CK pulled off what many believed to be impossible in taking down Outrage and The Risen took advantage of Framed 4 Murda. CK outscored the entire house, so all they need to do is bring the same energy and no problems, right??? Well, The Risen is bringing in reinforcements and they have a better idea of what to expect on the lanes. CK needs scratch to be great again and handicap must produce. The Risen will have to win big on scratch and keep things close on handicap. The Risen wins 26 to 14.

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