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Southeast World Championship Series Predictions: October 2022

Welcome to this year’s first set of predictions in the Southeast! This is for the World Championship Series matches for the Southeast Unholy Alliance. Last year, I was pretty good. Can I do better this year?

Saturday, October 16 at 2pm after the Unholy Alliance Squad

Zac Ludwig (CHAMP – Villains) Vs. Darryl Hill (Complete Anarchy)
Ludwig has the belt and had a grueling match to get it. Hill seems like a nice guy BUT he’s on Complete Anarchy, which is Ray Gillespie’s team. So just on principle, I must predict against him.
PREDICTION: Ludwig wins 4-2 and retains the title.

Vixens Title Match: 
Daphne Smith (CHAMP – Spartanberg Savages) vs. Melissa Day (Natural Disaster)
Smith is a legend, and I’m eyeballing the end of the year where she and Kasey Parnell may tangle. Day is very very good, and Smith could be in trouble if Say gets overlooked, but Smith is way too good to let that happen.
PREDICTION: Smith wins 4-2 and retains the title.

Cruiserweight Title Match: 
Charles Tharrington (CHAMP – G.O.A.T.) Vs. Brian Mason (Wasted Potential)
Speaking of legends, Tharrington is one, and it will take a legendary effort to get him off of the Cruiserweight title. Mason is going to give him a run, but he doesn’t have the potential – quite yet.
PREDICTION: Tharrington wins 4-2 and retains the Cruiserweight title.

Welterweight Title Match: 
Kareem Muhammad (Champ – Carolina Rollers) Vs. William Wahnon (Southern Asylum)
Your eyes don’t deceive you – this is the same Wahnon who has won the Welterweight title in the Northeast. He’s looking to make history and be the first person to win both the Southeast and Northeast versions of the same title. It’s about time that this happens – and it may happen this weekend.
PREDICTION: Wahnon wins 4-3 and becomes the new champion.

Classic Tag Team Title Match: 
Disciples (CHAMPS – Serrano Mitchell & Mike Church) vs. N.W.O. (Michael Gattis & Garrett Sallaz)
This may be the best match of all of them. The Champs are the underdogs on paper, but if they are to win this, they need to rely on experience and MUST get better on their spare shooting. I’ll go against Ray and say that the Disciples win – but barely.
PREDICTION: Disciples win 4-3 and hold on to the belts.

Uncapped Tag Team Title Match: 
Spartanberg Savages (CHAMPS – Ken Foy & Nick Smith) vs. N.W.O. (Randy McWilliams & Randy Priest)
Woof. This is going to be a fun match because all four of these people can ball. The N.W.O. could be the first team to hold onto both belts since Dysfunctional Bowlers did it in the Northeast. I predict they will walk out with none, but they could take both – especially if Foy and Smith look past them to a potential G.O.A.T. rematch.
PREDICTION: Savages win 4-3 and retains

We’ll see how I do this weekend.


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