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Motivational Rankings

Top 50 Motivational Rankings After Playoffs – Round 1.

The Hitmen return and a number of new teams show up.

More notes before we start:

  1. Style points count. You’ll see that down the list.
  2. If you’re still around after Week 1, you’re on the list. If you happened to get knocked off because you lost, then more’s the pity. At this point, only the playoffs matter (though WCS play will be a factor if your team is still around).
  3. Keep in mind that with over 200 teams competing this season, this list represents less than the top 25% of the UBA. If you’re on here, consider that some kudos.
  4. This is for fun. Don’t get salty, get motivated.
  5. I love all feedback, so keep it coming 🙂

So here we go with this week’s rankings….

CURRENT PLAY NOTE: Completion of League Tour Regular Season

  1. Hitmen (418-102 / 1st, Capital) (Was 2)
    Welcome back. We missed you here.
  2. Royal Flush (356-164 / 1st, Long Island) (Was 24)
    One of only 6 teams that were seeded #1 that survived weekend #1.
  3. Reality Check (334-146 / 1st, Inner Coastal) (Was 22)
    One of only 6 teams that were seeded #1 that survived weekend #1. Winning 40-0 was impressive.
  4. Lightz Out (349-171 / 1st, Brooklyn/Queens) (Was 16)
    One of only 6 teams that were seeded #1 that survived weekend #1.
  5. DC Mafia (356-164 / 1st, DMV South) (Was 9)
    One of only 6 teams that were seeded #1 that survived weekend #1. Of course, they only played one game, but hey. who cares?
  6. Murder Inc. (299-221 / 2nd, NJ Northwest) (Was 23)
    Anyone that doubted them returning to Bowlerama should be paying attention to what happened this past weekend.
  7. Impact (355-125 / 2nd, DMV North) (Was 18)
    They didn’t have to be impressive. Just survive and advance. But what makes it that much easier is that there’s no more Outrage in their way.
  8. BC Crew (336-184 / 2nd, Long Island) (Was 7)
    They are still around because of the Wild Card, but that next match against Royal Flush looks to be fire.
  9. Da Garden Foundation (324-196 / 1st, NJ Northwest) (Was 10)
    One of only 6 teams that were seeded #1 that survived weekend #1. Whoever created the Wild Card, let Lucky Lydell know and he’ll treat you to a couple of beers at the bar.
  10. Philly Horsemen (313-207 / 1st, PA North) (was 25)
    Looked very bad against All In during the regular season, but they got them when it counted in the post-season.
  11. Bulletproof (328-192 / 2nd, NJ South) (Was 35)
    A good way to avenge a 40-0 blowout is to defeat AC Express in the playoffs. Nice job.
  12. Most Wanted (317-203 / 2nd, DMV South) (Was 37)
    Sure it’s one win, but they are still here. Big match-up against DC Mafia coming up.
  13. Disorderly Conduct (287-233 / 3rd, Triad) (Was 38)
    Did they win because they were good or because other teams saw 34-86 going into the playoffs and took them for granted? We’ll see next weekend where no one will take them for granted.
  14. Silver Lanes Express (314-206 / 2nd, New England South) (Was 41)
    If anyone wanted to know how much damage the New England Heat would be doing – the answer is that they got run over by the Express.
  15. Class aXe (330-190 / 3rd NJ Northeast) (Was 42)
    Big win over Legacy combined with the fact that they went up against a Latino All-Stars team that they could handle (Vs. an Arsenal Team that whomped them 38-2) and they are still here.
  16. Complete Anarchy (288-232 / 2nd, Deep South) (NEW)
    I was warned by Ray Gillespie that I’m not giving them enough respect and they will shock the district. Point proven. Now can they shock the rest of the Southeast?
  17. Beast Squad (320-200 /2nd Sandhills) (NEW)
    The Southeast better hope that this version doesn’t turn into the version that terrorized the Southeast a few years back.
  18. Rollin’ Rebels (300-220 / 4th, Sandhills) (Was 45)
    Had flashes of brilliances the entire season but was erratic. This past weekend’s case in point – knock out High Octane, lose to Beast Squad, get the Wild Card. They need to get more consistent in a hurry or else next weekend will be their last.
  19. Kryptonite (296-224 / 4th, DMV North) (NEW)
    They knocked out the champs. Can they go further than just one win?
  20. Tribe Called Nest (282-238 / 3rd Bronx) (NEW)
    They were at one point in the Top Ten before they took a downwards fall, but this should be a top seeded team. Only one win away from getting to Battle Bowl.
  21. The Militia (302-218 / 3rd Queen City District) (NEW)
    Here’s a team that’s been in and out of the Top 50 all season. Just when you think you are out, they pull you back in.
  22. Toms River Rats (297-223 / 3rd NJ Shore) (NEW)
    Another team that’s been tap-dancing around the Top 50 all season and put it together at the right time. Now they get to go to Carolier, which is a house that they are very familiar with. Can they spring the upset?
  23. MOP Nation Militia (273-247 / 4th NE North) (NEW)
    As much grief as Joey Nereu likes to give me (some of it warranted), they were in the Top 50 a number of times this season. And if the team that finished last place in the NE North 2 years ago ran away with the NE South, you would think that the 4th placed team in the NE North will have an edge as the team to represent the New England District at Battle Bowl.
  24. Secret Society (310-210 / 3rd, PA South) (Was 40)
    Last week, I said, and I quote, “Would not shock me if this is the team that came out of the PA South.” I didn’t say that they’d get there via the Wild Card, but…
  25. Natural Disaster (296-224 / 4th Queen City) (NEW)
    If they didn’t get the wild card, the season would be a natural disas…well, you know.
  26. Kingsmen (264-256 / 4th PA South (NEW)
    It doesn’t matter how you get here, just get here if you can. They may need to get a caravan though if they want to escape next weekend.
  27. Outrage (392-128 / 1st, DMV North) (Was 1)
    Kryptonite lived up to its namesake.
  28. High Octane (404-116 / 1st, Sandhills) (Was 3)
    Ran out of gas in the playoffs.
  29. AC Express (393-127 / 1st, NJ South) (Was 4)
    Maybe they remember 40-0 against Bulletproof and took them too lightly? They have 2 months to think about it.
  30. Team Matrix (342-178 / 1st, NJ Shore) (Was 5)
    That red pill apparently caused drowsiness, which is what happened in Game 3.
  31. The Arsenal (388-132 / 1st, NJ Northeast) (Was 6)
    When you’re giving pins, you need to carry when your opponents do. Latino All-Stars carried. They didn’t. Game over.
  32. New England Heat (358-162 / 1st, New England South) (Was 9)
    The question of how good the New England Heat really is will continue into the off-season
  33. Identity Crisis (337-143 / 1st, NE North) (Was 11)
    MOP is a better team than their record suggests. That being said, that loss hurts.
  34. Conspiracy Theory (370-150 / 1st, Queen City) (Was 12)
    The danger of losing the last match and saying ‘well it didn’t matter’, is maybe that you’re not tuned up enough?
  35. All In! (351-169 / 1st, PA North) (Was 13)
    The Philly Horsemen turned into the Horsemen of the Apocalypse against All In! Especially that death one, because it killed their season dead.
  36. G.O.A.T. (333-187 / 1st, Triad) (Was 14)
    Perhaps they were looking ahead to Sub-Zero and forgot that they had a first round opponent that they had to deal with first?
  37. Sub-Zero (312-208 / 2nd, Triad) (Was 15)
    If it makes G.O.A.T. feel better, Sub-Zero didn’t get to the second round either. And I’ll avoid using that Running Man quote cliche that I feel so tempted to use. Not using it.
  38. Spartanberg Savages (347-173 / 1st, Deep South) (Was 19)
    The Reign from Augusta Reign turned into a downpour.
  39. King’s Court (296-214 / 2nd, Queen City) (Was 20)
    I’m trying to figure out what happened that led to half of their roster going into Opt-Out and them getting blasted because of it.
  40. Rival Alliance (328-192 / 1st, PA South) (Was 23)
    This sort of reminds me of Land of the Dead where the Hatfields and McCoys…
  41. Usual Suspects (320-200 / 2nd, PA South) (Was 24)
    …both get overrun by zombies and the only thing that’s left was one of their horses.
  42. NJ Drillers (325-195 / 3rd, NJ Shore) (Was 25)
    They were not Bulletproof.
  43. Legacy (343-177 / 2nd, NJ Northeast) (Was 26)
    Danny Rivera said it best – Legacy is a team that capitalizes on other teams’ mistakes. Class aXe didn’t make many, and hence they won.
  44. Magna Carta (325-195 / 2nd, DMV South) (Was 27)
    Tough loss to Most Wanted, but they’ll be back, It’s just the beginning from them.
  45. Apocalypse (318-122 / 1st, Bronx) (Was 28)
    It’s bad enough that they lost to Tribe. What makes it worse is that they lost to a tribe team that consisted of old members from Apocalypse.
  46. Hot Pockets (313-207 / 3rd, DMV North) (Was 29)
    They didn’t have too much of an impact against Impact.
  47. Pocket Kingz (299-221 / 3rd, NJ Northwest) (Was 30)
    <Dan from Mortal Kombat>Toasty!</Dan from Mortal Kombat>
  48. X-It Woundz (280-240 / 4th, NJ Northwest) (Was 32)
    Sooooo close against DGF. Lost it at the end.
  49. Project Mayhem (323-197 / 3rd, Long Island) (Was 31)
    They couldn’t catch lightning in a bottle again.
  50. The Franchise (333-187 / 2nd, Brooklyn/Queens) (Was 34)
    Sometimes you win when you need it more than the other team, but in this case when everything was on the line, they fell short.

OUT: Train Wreck, Latino All-Stars, The Replacements, Motion 2 Strike, Voodoo, High Powered, Silent Killerz, Absolute Chaos


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