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Match #1 – The Risen – 30, Reality Check – 10

The Risen wanted to accomplish three things; 1. they wanted to show that the play-off win last year wasn’t a fluke, 2. they want to do better than 4th during the regular season this year and 3. they want Gordon Pepper to give them better than 10,019-1 odds this time around.

If they keep doing this, they won’t have a problem achieving all of it.

Mike Butts’ 267 (740) and Brian Larrabee’s 253 (655) keys a 99 pin win by the scratch side, Jason Wampler’s 257 (661) keys a 90 pin win on one of the handicap teams and Ron Del Rosario’s 214 (643) keys a 40 pin win by the other handicap team. That turns into a 229 pin bulge at the end of game one which keyed the entire match. Two many keys and not enough doors, so to speak.

Mark Tarkington explodes out of the gate with a 300/264/204/768 and he gets plenty of support from John Johnson (714) and William Vannoy (768) for RC. So why didn’t they win? Because four of their bowlers combine to shoot  266 pins under average which put them into that 229pin hole they could not recover from.

Julio Lopez (748) and Robert Mays (648) also provide support for the The Risen who have given Reality Check a Reali…well…you know.