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Match #1 – Augusta Reign – 38, Body Snatchers – 2


At least the Body Snatchers had heart this match. When your team has Daniel Simmons going 667 and Ricardo Horton (2225/609) and Lonnie Donaldson (223/634) combine to have the team shoot 75 pins over average to win the last game by 22 and avoid the donut,  you know you have heart.

What they didn’t have was a 262/258/245/765 from Steve Nunn, a 279/256/237/772 from Coutrney Bentley, and 6’s from Mark Downs (691), Steven Hicks (268/687), Stephen Henry (269/673) and Joseph Boothe (652). Those all came from Augusta Reign, who won the match by 672 pins.