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Sand Hills

High Octane returns – and they are angry.

H.O. gets on the ground running with a 38-2 victory.

Here are the results from Tour Stop #1 in the Sandhills District

High Octane: 38, Natural Selection: 2
What’s a good way to get the bad taste of last season’s playoff upset out of your mouth? Pummeling the next team you see. Unfortunately for Natural Selection, they were the next team, and it was 352 pins worth of getting pummeled. Braxton Norris hits a 764 as High Octane retake over first.

Beast Squad: 28, Chill Squad: 12
Tyler Griggs (708) and Jason Gittelson (707) give the scratch pair the win by 143 and hold on to win the wood. Jevon Holland led everyone with a 741, but he needed help and he didn’t get it.

Rollin’ Rebels: 28, Preemptive Strike: 12
The Rebels take the Scratch and Second handicap Squad by a combined 301 pins. Preemptive Strike wins the middle pair by 244, but in the UBA, this is all about overall wood, and Preemptive can’t cover the extra 57 pins.

Synergy: 29, Strike or Spare: 11
Synergy was actually down 4-2 after game 1, but Chris Britt (714) keys a rally to win the wood by 312. Christopher M. Williams hits a 667 for SOS, but they fall apart after the first game.

The Disciples: 32, Team Malice: 8
The Disciples’ Joshua Hollister hits a 739 as the Scratch Squad wins by 252. Malice does win more handicap games than the Disciples (4-2) but it’s wood that counts, and the Disciples had more of it – hence they take the match.

The Untouchables: 28, The Immortals: 12
In a back and forth affair, the Untouchables do enough in the last game to take the wood by 25. While The Immortals did lose, they at least showed that they belong in the UBA – and they will get their share of wins.


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