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Thirsty Thursdays!

Yes, yes, yes…it is Thirsty Thursday. Some may say it is too early for rum, but is it too early for a sangria??? (It is 9:15am EST as I type this.)
Let’s get to it.
There are 3 Ranking Matches going on this weekend.

  1. #2 Impact vs. #5 Hot Pockets at Greenway Bowl at 10AM, Sunday, January 2, 2022. I have already predicted that Impact will win this one and I stand by that prediction. I hear some spicy talk about some good gamble between the franchises for this one. Should be a very interesting match to win. Again, Impact wins but it will not be an easy one.
  2. #6 Contract Killaz vs. #9 Outrage at Crofton Bowl at 2PM, Sunday, January 2, 2022. I believe Outrage takes this match as I already predicted. A few squads have poked the Championship bear and they aren’t messing around anymore. CK looked good at Crofton, but this could be due to their last opponent not looking very good. Either way, Outrage will outlast CK.
  3. #8 NoVa Beastmode vs. #11 Body Bagz at AMF Marlow Heights at 1PM, Sunday, January 2, 2022. Body Bagz has looked pretty bad their last few outings and Beastmode has looked really good winning all of their Ranking Matches so far. If all the competitors can keep their footing here, this will be a great match. Denard Bankston II says Body Bagz will lose. Come join me on the trios pair and I have one hundred reasons to prove you wrong.

To end this Thirsty Thursday, I was given a great idea. Here are my 5 Bold Predictions for the rest of the DMV UBA Season.

1. Two teams currently in the Top 5 of the DMV South will not make the Playoffs. In fact, they will finish somewhere between 8th and 10th place.
2. A new Franchise makes the Playoffs in the DMV North.
3. Before Tour Stop 11 in both the DMV North and South, a team in the DMV North and DMV South will get 40 pieced.
4. Outrage and SBC will not go undefeated this season.
5. None of the teams currently in the DMV’s Top 5 of Team Rankings will finish #1 in Team Rankings.

Happy Drinking!


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