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DMV Predictions: Tour Stop #1

The Bad Twin gives us DMV Tour Stop #1 Predictions

DMV Tour Stop #1 Match Up and Predictions
DMV North at AMF Southdale on September 25, 2021
(Vipers have a BYE)
10am Squad
1) Kryptonite vs. Mutiny: I predict that Kryptonite will win this match-up 28 to 12. Mutiny had a very good showing at the Team Ranking Qualifier and showed they have a very capable scratch presence. However, Team Rankings was not a head-to-head match up with a 40 point system. In a typical tour stop match, I believe Rob Bateman has shown he has the ability to put together a strong and balanced line-up that gives Kryptonite a great chance in every match. Although Mutiny is a new Franchise, there members are no rookies to tour stop competition. They will make this match very interesting for the first game or so, but ultimately, Kryptonite will be too much and outlast the upstart Mutiny.
2) N.W.O. vs. Outrage: I have taken Outrage in this match-up 22 to 18. Honestly, this match is a toss-up. Believe it or not, N.W.O. has had Outrage’s number, well at least for the last season or so. N.W.O. seems to get great breaks at Southdale and their lineups seem to mystify Outrage. So, why take Outrage? Well, while Outrage is mainly the same, they do have a few new additions to their Franchise which gives their lineup even more versatility. Also, I think they are out to prove a point in the DMV North after finishing 5th in the abbreviated season. This is my MUST SEE match in the DMV North. I will most certainly be there bright and early on Saturday morning.
3) Impact vs. Killer Keglers: I have taken Impact to win this one in a landslide over Killer Keglers: 32 to 8. Killer Keglers is a new squad heavily dependent on handicap to stay in matches. From what I saw in the Team Ranking Qualifier, they will struggle to put up big numbers and that is one thing we know Impact is capable of, well at least against every team other than Kryptonite. Impact has the scratch and handicap presence and Killer Keglers simply do not have the firepower or the sticks to keep up. Dare I say the outcome here will not be a surprise to anyone. I am confident that Impact will win this one, so much that this is what I would consider the LOCK MATCH in the
DMV North.2pm Squad
1) Apex vs. Charm City Chaos: In this match-up I have Apex Predators winning 30 to 10 over Charm City Chaos. In this choice, I simply went with the better team. Apex has the scratch and handicap balance and CCC will rely mostly on their handicap pairs to keep them close. I do not see it being close at all on the scratch pair which gives Apex the huge edge in this match.
2) Da Stoners vs. Hot Pockets: I have to go with Hot Pockets 24 to 16 in this match. Da Stoners have gotten better after their off-season now that they can put out a focused lineup. Stoners have the NE Heavyweight Champ on their scratch pair, which I believe favors Da Stoners, but Hot Pockets has the better group of bowlers. In a tour stop format, Hot Pockets should be able to win at least 2 of the 3 pairs and that will be enough to take the match.
3) Pin Krushers vs. The Expendables: I am going with The Expendables to win this match 28 to 12 over Pin Krushers. PK does have talent on the roster, but will they show up and perform? I believe The Expendables have more talent and stronger bowlers who can fill it up at AMF Southdale, which gives them the big edge for me.
DMV South at AMF Waldorf on September 26, 2021
(SBC has a BYE)
10am Squad
1) Guilty By Association vs. High Powered: In this match-up the overwhelming odds are with High Powered, so I took them to win this match 32 to 8. Simply put, HP has the better bowlers. Aside from that fact, Guilty By Association generally does not have bowlers that frequent AMF Waldorf. While it is an AMF house, this house does not play very similar to AMF Cap Plaza. This will not play favorably for Guilty By Association who may need a bit of a learning curve. Unlike Guilty By Association, HP has plenty of bowlers that bowl at AMF Waldorf and the talent on their squad is a tad bit better. I will call this the LOCK MATCH of the DMV South.
2) Infamous vs. Magna Carta: I am taking Magna Carta over Infamous 26 to 14. Infamous is a good squad, but Magna Carta has a lot more firepower on every pair. Last season Magna Carta had a problem supporting the scratch squad on their handicap pairs. Of course, Magna Carta looks quite different this year, but they appear to be a lot more balanced. Infamous is still fairly similar to last season, but I have not seen many of their bowlers performing outside of Marlow during the COVID off-season. Ultimately, I believe Magna Carta has enough talent on their roster to pull past Infamous.
3) Most Wanted vs. NoVa Beastmode: In this match-up I am taking Most Wanted 22 to 18 over NoVa Beastmode. This is going to be a good match to watch. Beastmode is extremely confident, and they are excited to let their young pups run wild. As we saw in the Team Ranking Qualifiers, this can be a blessing and a curse. Nerves and pressing can cause easy makes to be bad misses. Which leads me to Most Wanted, that sports a roster of talented UBA vets. Most Wanted can put out a line-up that can be top 4 in the DMV South and I believe they will want to make a big statement at the beginning of the season. This is my MUST SEE match of the DMV South. A hotly contested match, but I believe Most Wanted will edge out Beastmode.
1pm Squad
1) Boardwalk Empire vs. Body Bagz: What can I say? This will be a great and loud match.
2) Contract Killaz vs. DC Mafia: I am taking DC Mafia over CK 28 to 12. CK has shown that they have talent enough to finish top 3rd in the Team Ranking Qualifier. But this is not Team Rankings and they will not be bowling on a pair by themselves. DC Mafia has shown that their squad is real, their talent has been consistent every season, and they appear ready to come out and play. Will DC Mafia let the King of Waldorf a.k.a. Andrew Taylor come out to play this Sunday? Either way, many members of DC Mafia love the “Palace” and they should make short work of CK.
3) Dynasty vs. Framed 4 Murda: I am taking Dynasty 24 to 16 over Framed 4 Murda. Fun fact: 75 to 80% of Framed 4 Murda’s roster bowls primarily out of AMF Waldorf. They will be comfortable and loose. This will certainly increase their performance especially if Tyler Brooks is leading the way with the Tates. However, Dynasty just knows how to win, which they seem to always be in the position to break into the top 4 playoff spots every season. Framed 4 Murda will put up a valiant effort, but I think the scratch pair and one handicap pair will make the small difference in Dynasty’s favor in this match.

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