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UBA Post-Op: Rollercoaster

What goes up must come down.

So here’s what we learned. Or didn’t learn. Or will learn. This weekened showed it’s up and downs. Get ready for the uDooper Looper….

  1. Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments, Tournaments
    If you wanted one, you knew where to get one. If you wanted a King of the Hill. you could get one of those, too.
  2. Some Bowling alleys enforced the 14 day Quarantine rule
    Lodi Lanes and Parkway are two of the houses that alerted the bowlers that if they were in a state that was a 14 Day Quarantine state, that they were not allowed to go into their tournaments.
  3. But not all of the alleys enforced the rule
    Alleys in PA, CT, Ohio and the Southeast did not have to enforce that rule. And some of the social distancing rules that you should follow were…shall we say….non-existant.
  4. The bowlers didn’t enforce the rules, either
    There’s no need to snitch. If people saw the videos on social media, they know who they are – and so do you, too.
  5. Tuesday is a big day
    The number of states that go back on and off are on display on Tuesday. So is the starting date on the court case on whether the bowling alleys in North Carolina can stay open.

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