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Special Announcement to All UBA Members

I would like to start by sending my best wishes to anyone within our organization that has personally been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic directly. This is a very difficult time for many people, and the health and safety of our members are always a concern of ours. With that being said, we know there are many questions regarding the future of our organization, and what are our future plans moving forward. I will try to address those concerns with the information that we have currently. Everyone is aware that all of the States are changing plans daily, which could alter our plans even after this email is sent to everyone. All of the information provided in this letter is subject to change at any time, as we receive daily updates from all of the States that are affected.

Battle Bowl

As of this date, Battle Bowl is still on. The dates for Battle Bowl will be August 28th to August 30th ,2020 . Bowlerama will be the only bowling center used for this event. The Executive Team is monitoring daily the updates sent out from the State of Delaware to make sure we are aware of any changes that could affect our event. The schedule has been released, and the plan for a July 14th opening of the tabs is still in effect. That date could be changed due to new information received. We also have a plan for walk-ins, that information will also be released with the schedule. We are confident, that if we are able to host this event, that all local regulations will be followed, and Bowlerama will follow all precautions necessary to ensure a safe environment for all members.

2020-2021 Season Tour

The 20-21 Season Tour will not look the same as it has in the past. We would like to start off our new season with a “Pre-Season” schedule. Currently the plan is to start our pre-season in late September or early October. The pre-season will not count towards accumulating points in the regular season. The format is still being worked on, but we are planning on lowering the amount of bowlers needed for each match. For example, we are discussing a format of having 6 bowlers for each team, 3 bowlers on a Scratch team and 3 bowlers on a Handicap team. The point system would remain the same, just less points earned for each team. Districting is still being worked on, as there are teams moving in an out daily. The pre-season matches will be based on a District schedule, with only one house being used for all matches in that schedule. For example, if there are 4 pre-season matches in a particular District, all 4 of those matches will be held in the same bowling center. Again, local regulations will have to be considered when deciding which houses will be used. Teams are not required to participate in the pre-season in order to be eligible for the regular season. This is just an attempt to get bowlers and teams together to compete against each other. There are discussions to come up with a prize fund either for each match, or for the totality of the pre-season. Those details are still being discussed and will be released when there is a final decision made.

The regular 20-21 season is currently planned to start in January of 2021. The schedule and districting is changing daily, and final decisions will be made when we are positive we have given every team the opportunity to make a decision about their ability to participate. We have offered every team the option to opt-out of this years 20-21 Season Tour if they feel its in the best interest of their team. If your team chooses to opt-out of the Season Tour, your team members are still eligible to bowl in any other event hosted by the UBA, provided all team obligations have been met. As regulations change in each State, the ability to have a full schedule may also change.


Other than Battle Bowl, the UBA does not have any scheduled events for the upcoming 2020-2021 season. As each State changes their rules and regulations, we will make every attempt to host events that are in the best interest of our organization and its members. Plenty of notice will be given to the membership when we are considering an event anywhere within the organization.

I hope that all of this information is helpful to all of the teams that are still making decisions on whether to participate or not this upcoming season. The Administrative Team is meeting regularly to make any changes to our schedule that is in the best interest of our organization and its members. As new information is received, we will update the membership, as soon as possible, to keep everyone informed of what will be happening moving forward. This is a constantly fluctuating situation. New information, good or bad, is being received daily. We will make sure that every decision that is made, is in the best interest of every member.

Please stay healthy and good luck to any team, or member, that chooses to participate in our upcoming schedule. Every State is changing daily. We must conform to the rules and regulations of each State. Changes to any scheduled match or event could occur within short notice. We will be working with every center to make sure all rules are followed.

Thomas Twist
Underground Bowling Association

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