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DMV North Tour Stop #3 Predictions

How did the Bad Twin do this time?

Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 1PM at AMF Country Club
1) Kryptonite vs. Da Stoners – Kryptonite reemerged in a huge way at their last tour stop by handing out punishment to an overwhelmed Charm City Chaos, with a much needed 38 to 2 victory. This Kryptonite squad, in their match, looked very much like the TRUE squad that Rob Bateman envisioned in his master plans of a year ago and Roger Barnes showed his stuff with a 300/817 performance. And from what I heard, the lineup that put up huge numbers at their last stop was not even their cream of the crop lineup. Kryptonite is sitting pretty in third (actually tied for second) in their division. A hot and motivated Kryptonite spells trouble for their opponents, Da Stoners. Da Stoners have had a tough go of it, lining up against N.W.O. in their first match and Impact in their next. Da Stoners are at the bottom of their division after two tour stops and are looking for some answers. Maybe being pitted against a bunch of old teammates in a familiar house is just what the doctor ordered? They better hope so because if I know Mr. Bateman, this will be a statement tour stop and he wants to serve Mr. Cremona and his squad an embarrassing loss. On paper both teams have extremely capable bowlers, but Big K is actually appearing like they may live up to the hype this year. I am going to give Kryptonite the win in this match up, 28 to 12.
2) Charm City Chaos vs. Impact – CCC got off to a hot start this season with a good 28 to 12 win over the Pin Krushers. Unfortunately for them, they ran into a buzzsaw called Kryptonite in Tour Stop 2, earning only two points and suffering a major setback in their playoff hopes. This next match up is not going to be any better as they face off against the division’s current #1 team, Impact. Impact showed up and showed out for #DaHood and took a 32 to 8 win over Da Stoners in Chuckie Hood’s honor. I am sure they are dedicating this season to Chuckie and that means every opponent they face for the remainder of this season will have an extremely motivated Impact to deal with…and if you didn’t know, Impact is plenty formidable even without motivation. AMF Country Club can be your best friend or your worse enemy. If the past serves as a predictor of the future, then CCC is doubly fated to lose. This is a rematch of CCC vs. Impact of last year, where Impact gave CCC a 30 to 10 beat down. I feel like the past is going to repeat itself and CCC is going to have to suffer through multiple impacts in this blowout. I predict Impact to take this one, 32 to 8.
3) Outrage vs. Pin Krushers – Well, the Champions got the wind knocked out of their sails as the N.W.O. Wolfpack mauled them in their last tour stop. However, Champion pedigree entails turning a setback into a step forward. This spells certain doom for the Pin Krushers, who took a much needed victory, 24 to 16, over a competitive Vipers squad in their last stop. PK is going to give a valiant effort, but Outrage in Country Club is almost impossible to defeat. I predict that Outrage takes this one easily, 34 to 6.
4) N.W.O. Wolfpack vs. Apex Predators – Two squads with a lot of history square off after both squads garnered strong victories over tough opponents in their last stop. N.W.O. Wolfpack threw down the gauntlet and handed a disrespectful beating on the reigning Champs in the form of a 28 to 12 pimp slap culminated by a 300/806 performance by Anthony Winston. N.W.O. is looking in top form and the DMV North better take notice. Apex took it to the Expendables and put themselves back in the playoff hunt with their 32 to 8 victory. Country Club is a fun house for these two clubs. The history between the squads is going to make this a hotly contested match. Both squads will bring out their best, but I believe N.W.O. will perform just a bit better and take the victory in this close match that should boil down to the last game. N.W.O. with the victory, 24 to 16.
5) Expendables vs. Vipers – The Expendables and Vipers took a stumble in their last tour stop. Both teams suffered tough defeats. In every match, these teams have been close, but no cigar. One team will have to make the necessary steps to put themselves over the hump. I believe Expendables will take that step and emerge victorious. Expendables beat the Vipers, 28 to 12, in a close fought match.

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