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Bad Twin's Meanderings

Bad Twin’s Meanderings: DMV Tour Stop North

Andre ‘The Bad Twin’ Welbon gives us Tour Stop #2 of the DMV North.

AMF Dale City Lanes on Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 2PM.

1) DMV Hit Squad vs. Magna Carta – DHS and Magna Carta are looking to rebound from a Tour Stop #1 loss. DHS got hammered by a resurgent HP who is looking to establish themselves, once again, as a predominant team in the DMV South. Magna Carta lost a tough one to Contract Killaz by a narrow margin. This match up should be very close, if both teams bowl to their potential. Neither squad wants to begin the season 0-2. I imagine The Hooded Reaper will have his team focused and ready. Look to see many of the typical Virginia bowlers prowling Magna Carta’s scratch and handicap 1 pairs. Chief Keith will need to have his team withstand the opening barrage, and if they can weather the storm, they may hang around to take the victory. Last year, Dale City was very kind to DHS and they handed SBC a 36-4 whooping. Will their performance transfer over to this year? I am going to take the new look Magna Carta to take this one by a narrow margin, 22-18, but this could go either way.

2) Contract Killaz vs. Infamous – The Killaz continued to find a way to win in Tour Stop 1 whereas Infamous ran into a DC Mafia buzzsaw. Infamous will have to rebound in this one and hopefully their hitters will be available because CK absolutely loved AMF Dale City last year and Infamous unfortunately did not fair so well there. This will be a rarity for this prognosticator, but I will predict that CK will take this one with a 26-14 victory. CK is tough in AMF houses and although Infamous will have a strong performance, it just won’t be enough to get the win.

3) SBC vs. DC Mafia – Now, this is the “OH BABY!!!” match of the beginning of this new UBA Season. SBC just gave the fledgling Most Wanted a very unneighborly beating, with a 40 piece spicy in their home house, and they are rewarded with a match against the equally tough DC Mafia. Question: Will the DCM hitters come out to play in this unfamiliar terrain where SBC suffered their worst, and most shocking, defeat of last year? Everyone that bowled for SBC underperformed at AMF Dale City aside from Marcus and Darnell Bell, but even their scores were not the usual 720ish we expect of them. DC Mafia and SBC will be bringing out the big guns because both teams have something to prove. DC Mafia wants to set the tone that they are the best in the DMV South now that they have joined the division and SBC wants to show that any hopes of UBA Championship glory still goes through them in the DMV South. I like SBC to take this one, in a close match, 24-16.

4) Dynasty vs. High Powered – The year did not start off too well for Dynasty after suffering a 30-10 loss to Boardwalk Empire and unfortunately for them this next match up will not make things easier. HP could have gotten 38 points, but settled for a 34-6 victory over a tough DHS in the tough Crofton house. AMF Dale City will not be as tough for them. Their squad has improved and they know the terrain. Dynasty will have to have a ton of things go their way to stay in this match. Maybe they will get the breaks they need just like they did last year when they took 34 points for a victory. However, HP is not Beastmode and I do not see many breaks falling their way in this match up. I predict that HP will win this one, 28-12.

5) Beastmode vs. Most Wanted – Both Beastmode and Most Wanted took it on the chin during their first stop. Beastmode managed 2 points and Most Wanted suffered the dreaded 40-0 sweep in their home house. Beastmode did not fair too well at AMF Dale City last year and Most Wanted’s squad members are quite tough in AMF houses. I predict that Most Wanted should win this match, 30-10.

6) Boardwalk Empire vs. Body Bagz – This will be a fun, competitive and entertaining match.


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