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Bad Twin's Meanderings

The Bad Twin’s Meanderings: How did the Bad Twin do on Tour Stop #1? – North

Andre ‘The Bad Twin’ Welbon will give his predictions of the DMV.

The DMV North match-ups have just arrived, so without further ado, here are my predictions for the DMV North Tour Stop 1 Sunday, September 15, 2019 at AMF Woodlawn at 2PM.

1. Pin Krushers vs. Charm City Chaos – PK had a very strong showing last year and could have made the last week of the DMV North playoff push quite interesting without a few stumbles, but they have a solid squad of capable bowlers and a consistent roster. The continuity of their team is their biggest asset. Charm City Chaos has struggled to amass a full roster for a few of their stops and this has troubled them mightily. This will be an interesting match, but I believe PK will pull this out, 26 to 14.

2. N.W.O. Wolfpack vs. Da Stoners – N.W.O. had their coming out party last year with Money at the helm and their squad has gotten much stronger with off season additions from DA and DC Mafia. This N.W.O. squad has a full compliment of bowlers and I believe they are fore-runners for top 3 in the DMV North. Da Stoners still haven’t found its stride and this will not be their week to do so unfortunately. Woodlawn is a favorite of many of the N.W.O. bowlers and is not friendly to those not familiar with the topography there. N.W.O. cruises to a big victory, 34 to 6.

3. Vipers vs. Kryptonite – Vipers and Kryptonite had very disappointing seasons last year. Vipers are better and still sport a stout squad of cable bowlers with ton of handicap. Despite the new handicap rules, their handicap will be hard to overcome. However, Kryptonite has retooled their squad and has added very capable bowlers to their squad. With the talent they have on the squad, all they need to do is gel and they should have no problem making a strong playoff push. With that said, I believe they take a comfortable victory in this match, 30 to 10.

4. Expendables vs. Impact – Both teams have great talent and outstanding management. Expendables have lost a few formidable bowlers, but this should not derail them too greatly. However, Impact has added some strong bowlers, and despite not having their Captain, Kirby Crawford for a few months, their squad is so stacked that they should not miss a beat. Dan Schaden will have this team focused and ready to bowl at peek level. Woodlawn however is a great equalizer in this match up and the Williams perform well at this house. Impact’s scratch squad will have to garner quite a lead to allow for some give on the handicap pairs, which Expendables squad fair equally. I think this match will be a lot closer than the final score of , 28 to 12, in Impact’s favor.

5. Apex Predators vs. Outrage – This will be the DMV North’s premier match for Tour Stop 1. Apex performance last year was very disappointing for them. The talent on that squad is much better than their year-end result. They have lost a few strong bowlers, but have added some top notch additions. Sagirah will have their team ready to perform, but unfortunately they are bowling against last year’s UBA Champions, Outrage. Outrage is stacked from top to bottom and their tried and true method has afforded them success every year. This year will be no different and they should be at the top of their division by year’s end. Pat, Rich, Sam, J-Ho, Brian, Cavey, Sean, Jake, etc. will be doing what they tend to do, and that is bowl phenomenally. Forget handicap as every pair will be scratch and the match will come down to which pair closes out in the tenth frame best. Woodlawn’s tough lanes could play to Apex’s advantage, but here, I will be going with the Champs in a 24 to 16 victory in a hotly contested match.


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