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The Bad Twin’s Meanderings: How did the Bad Twin do on Tour Stop #1? – South

Andre ‘The Bad Twin’ Welbon will give his predictions of the DMV.

So, let’s try this again with an abbreviated version (may be some changes because I can’t remember exactly what I typed the first time):

DMV South Tour Stop 1 Prediction at Crofton on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 10am

1) Most Wanted vs. SBC – This is the inaugural match for the newest team to enter the DMV South division. Most Wanted has been established by Mone Turner and Honey Dickerson after they broke away from Magna Carta. Darius is lending his talents to this squad, as well. Suffice to say, they have a ton of talented bowlers and Crofton is their home house and they should have an advantage going into this match..well, they should have an advantage going into this match against anyone but SBC. SBC has the most talented squad of bowlers in the DMV South and a ton of them are Crofton alley killers, such as Dan Bright and Bri Evans, and they will be featured if they are available. This will be an exciting match, but I believe that the talent and experience of SBC will prove too much for Most Wanted in this opening match. I predict that SBC will win in this hotly contested match, 28 to 12.

2) Dynasty vs. Boardwalk Empire – Dynasty experienced a lot of turnover last season in losing a few key members to other teams, DC Mafia comes to mind. However, they have picked up a few talented bowlers and are looking to regain prominence in the DMV South. However, Boardwalk Empire is a perennial playoff caliber team and have only gotten stronger with new acquisitions in the off season. Crofton is a tough house to carry in and the team with the most bowlers with experience playing the lanes in this tough house typically hold the advantage. In viewing the rosters of both squads, Boardwalk Empire has the more complete roster. Ty will put forth a competitive line-up, but I ultimately see BE winning the day, 26 to 14.

3) Infamous vs. DC Mafia – Infamous surprised many with their strong showing after a rocky start in their inaugural season last year. Despite a few stumbles which hobbled their playoff chances last season, they had a strong showing and should be competitive this year. However, they have drawn a juggernaut of an opponent for the first stop with the DMV South’s newest transfer, DC Mafia. DC Mafia was a constant playoff squad in what many believed to be the stronger division of the DMV. They look to establish their dominance in the DMV South and despite losing some key members, they have added a few of Dynasty’s finest to their roster, and they should pay off huge during the season. Again, Crofton is a tough house, but DCM has many bowlers familiar with the terrain and unfortunately for Infamous, this spells a loss. I predict that DCM wins this one comfortably, 30 to 10.

4) Magna Carta vs. Contract Killaz – Contract Killaz had a fantastic season last year and emerged as the DMV South’s sleepers. The squad has added some phenomenal bowlers to the squad, but the new handicap rules may narrow the margin of error for them during match play. Magna Carta had a good showing in their first season last year with their veteran squad of bowlers, but have gotten even stronger this year with quality additions. This match up will boil down to the handicap pairs as I believe Magna Carta’s scratch pair squad will build quite a lead for them in this match-up. Ultimately, I believe a tough Crofton house will allow Magna Carta to edge out CK in this close match. Magna Carta takes the win, 24 to 16.

5) High Powered vs. DMV Hit Squad – So, High Powered is back after a disappointing last season plagued with injuries and setbacks. They have retooled their roster with all-star pickups such as Jeremy Merriner, TK Yarborough, Mook, and Tacarci and the always deadly Debbie Myers is back from injury along with Da Glue. They are stacked and poised to be among the top 4 in the DMV South barring any upsets. They have their sights set on making a statement and the first opponent is DMV Hit Squad. DMV Hit Squad has a squad of superbly talented bowlers and we saw what they could do when motivated and bowling together last year as they made the playoffs as a 3 seed. Their talent shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point and if they are hot, it spells trouble for any opponent. DMV Hit Squad has members familiar with Crofton and this could play to their advantage. However, HP’s squad is simply too talented and I believe they take the win, 26 to 14, in this match that will be a lot closer than the score will dictate. Scratch pair and Handicap 1 pair will make the difference and I will be keeping an eye on it.

6) Body Bagz vs. NoVa Beastmode – This will be a fun and competitive match. 😎


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