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The moment you’ve all been waiting for

Leonard Freeman goes off on the Southeast Conference Playoffs

Recap 2023: G-Town & Complete Anarchy won the SE last year. G-Town ended up winning it all & Complete Anarchy got murdered by Murder, Inc.

Where are they now? G-Town is back as the #8 seed and Complete Anarchy has joined the list that includes Synergy, GOAT, BUFU and DC as teams going to Battle Bowl the previous year and missing the playoffs the next year.

What to expect? 2 new teams made the 24 team field which is Carolina Rampage & Stay Dangerous. Nice little battle for New Team of the Year.

Playoff predictions 1st 2 Rounds

DC vs Outsiders: I expect this match to be the LOUDEST & HIGH ENERGY. I consider this match to be the best one and whoever wins this match has Beast Squad but my overall prediction this winner will be headed on to the 2nd weekend. I think the energy will overwhelm Beast Squad. One thing about them – they got heart.

GOAT vs High Octane: An old matchup revisited as GOAT made it back to the show once again. Dre, Mal, TV, Jason Hale and those characters once again. There is a Synergy team waiting for them in the wings

Striking Vipers vs Disciples: Folks will probably say this matchup is a snoozefest but I think it would be a good match. Striking Vipers 26-14 but they get the playoff debut of DSL. It took 6 years but welcome to the show. Keep in mind some of them have Battle Bowl experience with BUFU and once again if the key Folks are available then watch out. DSL will be too much for Striking Vipers or even Disciples

Outkasts vs Stay Dangerous: A little slight chirping between the teams at the last Brawl but Outkasts had to show that PV is Outkasts house & not Preme Valley. Another high energy match in my opinion and Stay Dangerous will have their carpet for sure. I think this is a 22-18/24-16 type of match. I’m leaning Stay Dangerous but don’t be surprised if Outkasts wins. This is NOT your normal #9 vs #24 matchup. The World Champ G-Town Heavy Hitters awaits and no matter the carpet for SD, G-Town will be laying the Smack Down back to Greensboro on Stay Dangerous. Unfortunately Pin Station won’t be named Preme Station. Great 1st year

Augusta Reign vs Carolina Rampage: A Palmetto District match that is being bowled 3 hours away. Will Rampage make that howl call or will Augusta make it Reign. Either way Hitmen awaits one of these 2 Palmetto teams. I’m going slightly Augusta Reign until Hitmen comes in. Last year Hitmen got bounced by Thomas Gaster & Immortals in the 2nd round but hopefully that should change this year.

MOB vs Capital City Hitters: MOB quietly come thru the cracks of the QC & Hitters had a chill season in 3rd. The rest of the Capital was doo doo. Match can go MOB DEEP or Hitter Hitter Hit Em Up. Mike Harris is trying to be quiet at his old age nowadays so I’m going Hitters only because NWO awaits and I’m sure Ryan Ward & Mike Harris will jabber back & forth. NWO win that matchup. Remember last year NWO lost a 1 game rolloff to Complete Anarchy in order to go to Battle Bowl

Watchmen vs Natural Disaster: Both teams winning the last stop to get into the playoffs. I like that Port City team Watchmen for the W. DILLIGAF gets the winner of that match. DILLIGAF another team that got beat by Complete Anarchy early looking to do big things this year. I have them winning 24-16 over Watchmen

Conspiracy Theory vs Critical Roll: A unique matchup which can go either way. Critical Roll has a few guys that went to Battle Bowl under Complete Anarchy last season. Sam, Panda, Darnell Logan (AKA Tynell Tate) will be ready to lead the charge. Don’t sleep on Conspiracy Theory. The team with a short roster with lots of firepower. I’m leaning Critical Roll for the slight W. Savages are peeking thru the window. Savages are back in the playoffs after taking 1 season off. I’m just going to pick Savages 24-16 over Critical Roll

Happy 4th of July!


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