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Match #1 – Wasted Potential – 28, Venom- 12

There were many teams that Venom could have bowled this past Sunday that the following scores from Justin Lemley (279/725), Huntly Williams (266/703), Jonathan Chapman (685), David Cole (681), Jason Scarboro (654),  and Lance Jimison (621) would have given them the win.

They didn’t get those teams. Instead they got the team that shot 6600+ and hence lost by 350 pins.

Gary  Sutton goes trey (300/279/787), Jonathan Phillips shoots a 266/752, Kevin Allgood adds a 280/241/222/743 and Doug Shaab chimes in with a 257/723. That alone would have been enough, but let’s toss in some 690’s from Chris Allgood (693) and Sean Peck (690), a 641 from William Ursillo and a 609 from Chad Schlomer. That would be 7 bowlers shooting 640 or better and the other 2 bowlers hovering at 6. This new team’s Wasted Potential may come from other teams’ wallets. Yipes.