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New Jersey Northeast

The Arsenal Stays Undefeated; Class Axe dispatches Dysfunctional Bowlers

It’s getting chippy.

Here are the results after Tour Stop #5 in the Northeast New jersey District

Arsenal: 36, Total Mayhem: 4
The Arsenal keep on rolling. Matthew Burzynski (774), Lemonte WIlliams (759), and Mike Ciardulli Jr (708) all hit for numbers as Arsenal sweep the wood by 170. Alfredo Soto (725) and Eric Perez (705) counter with 7’s of their own, but the rest of the team shoots a combined 180 pins under average, which would have covered the wood. They fall to 9th while Arsenal, still undefeated in Match Play, builds their lead to double-digits.

Latino All-Stars: 28, Messenger Mafia: 12
The All-Stars survive a nail-biter against the Mafia, as they win the wood by 61. Dennis Markovic shoots a 300 and leads everyone with a 764 series, but the first 2 pairs in the last game for the Mafia shoot a miserable 235 pins under average, which allows the All-Stars to escape and remain undefeated in Match Play. The Mafia, despite the loss, actually move up a spot to 8th.

Class Axe: 30, Dysfunctional Bowlers: 10
This one got a little chippy before the match and even chippier after the match, as Class Axe bests the Dysfunctional Bowlers. You would think that wouldn’t be the case as the scratch squad, featuring Matthew Frei-Funk (736) Chuck Trimblett (725) and Dave Nagelhout (718) wins the scratch by 122. Ah but you’d be wrong, as Class Axe dismantles DB on the handicap side by a combined 296 pins, care of Jimmy O’Connor’s 746. Class Axe remains in third, while Dysfunctional Bowlers are dealing with a situation a number of teams are dealing with – win lots of hardware last year and this season, but when the playoffs start, as of right now, they won’t be there.

Dream Team: 36, Area 51-8: 4
How do you take 36 points with a blind? Have Bob Lipinski go for a 787 and Justin Pulchalski second him with a 703. Add a 702 from Rob Yancy and you get 36 points and a new shiny play-off spot. Donald Herrington shoots a 725 for Area 51-8, but lack of anything else drops them to 7th.

Legacy: 28, Legion of Doom: 12
Hans Javier (734), Edward Penafiel (720), Danny Rivera (713) and Carlos Duarte (709) shoot lots of 7’s on the Legion of Doom, who only get a 711 from Ryan Branson in response. That’s not going to get the job done, as the LOD fall to 10th. Legacy, who started the season with a forfeit, now moves within 6 points of a playoff spot.

Misfits: 30, Devilz Rejects: 10
One of these teams was going to get their first win of the season, and it’s the Misfits that prevail. The Misfits break out in a big way, as newcomers Bryan Ramsay (749), Tim Butz (709) and Jenna Garman (706) give the first two trios a whopping 621 pin advantage that they don’t relinquish. The DR remain in the cellar. Now can the Misfits with their new blood start to make a move up the standings?


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