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UBA Post Up


WCS and Team Ranking Results here.

Let’s see what’s been going on this past weekend.

  1. Murder Season: Murder Inc moves from #7 to #4 in the Team Rankings. They are looking to make a killing later on this season. (Yes that pun was intended)
  2. All In Goes for the Tag Belts in January – They win the #1 Contender’s Match and Troy Gafgen wins his Cruiserweight match, It was a good weekend for Troy.
  3. DHS hits Dysfunctional Bowlers – Here come the Valdes’. Josh and Jose want a piece of some of that Tag Team goodness and they went through the ex-champs to get it.
  4. Rosas makes some noise – Jessica Rosas is working her way up the charts due to her win this weekend.
  5. TCB taking care of Tag Team Business – Will we be seeing them in the tag team title race soon?


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