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The UBA Post-Up: November 2/3

Deanna CryanAs we are a few weeks before Thanksgiving, certain people – and teams – are already feeling the leaves falling – or maybe they are rising – in the standings. So what does Deanna Cryan have to be thankful and which district is clustered? Let’s find out…
1. The Road to the Vixen’s Title goes through PA.
One of the best Northeast Vixen’s Matches of the season was the #1 Contender Match between two women who have held the Vixen’s title before; The Misfits’ Deanna Cryan and Silent Killerz’ Hermie Hannibal. In a grueling seven game marathon, Cryan prevailed 4-3 and will get a shot at the Vixen’s title in December. Will the lady with a ton of accolades in PA obtain yet another piece of hardware for the second time in her career?
2. Youth is served in the All-American Conference
Impact and Chyna Sindrome weren’t in the UBA a year ago, but they are in first place right now in their districts. So are The Fallout and DC Mafia (a team that didn’t see the playoffs last year). Sure, Outrage and SBC are in the hunt, as are Hounds of War and M.O.P., but the new teams are making some early noise.
3. Here we go again in NY
X-Men and Lane Crashers are still in first place with wins. Could this be the year that Lightz Out reailzes their potential? Right now they are in first, but they are being pursued by a ton of teams….
4. The SE Leaders are running away and hiding.
If you are in first place in the Southeast, you are enjoying a healthy lead and are right now making plans for the playoffs. Sure it’s still early, but the leader that’s the closest from seing a non-play-off spot is Motion 2 Strike (26 point lead). King’s Court (60), Augusta Reign (54), Beast Squad (50), Watchmen (43) and Hitmen (40) can all take a donut in their next match and still be in the top four. The South is spaced out but…
5. PA North: From worst to first?
PA North has taken over from the NY East as the murkiest district. First place (Philadelphia Horsemen) has 76 points and last place has 48, which means that pending on who does what, the last place team COULD mathematically be in first after the next Tour Stop. You may as well put each team on a leaf and mix in a good old-fashioned leaf-blower and see where all of the foliage lands. Can they keep this up all season?

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